"Honey, May I PLEASE Have A Degree?"/I Have Mice In My Bones

 Since it's been a while since I've written anything (August 29th - lost my muse again, ah reckon 💔), I thought I'd combine two of the more humorous events occurring lately - hence the two titles. The first refers to a little "compromise" I try to reach with my wife Dondra over the thermostat settings. She likes it warm, I like it cool. I know this must sound familiar to many of my readers, but as you will find out, I have to actually "negotiate" for that one degree of coolness. What happens is -  I will add a "chore" to my already "numerous" ones, and for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, I get to enjoy my degree. Said chore might include the hated dusting, or cleaning the "hell-hole" that is my office. Her terminology - not mine. To me, it doesn't look that bad, and I can put my hands on anything I need within seconds. In all fairness to her, I must tell you that since her minor stroke several years ago, sh

Some MORE Facts And Figures

 Yesterday's discussion dealt with the human  aspect of the new Infrastructure Bill. Today I want to add an "e" to the word "human" and take a look at what our Caregivers need from that angle. Currently, there are an estimated 53 million Americans serving as caregivers to their elderly family members who require care for their disabilities. They are not recompensed for that expense which comes at an emotional cost as well as the financial one. Figures released by the AARP indicate that on average, family caregivers spend about 24 hours a week along with $7.000.00 in out-of-pocket expenses. Paid Long-term Care is a dream for those family members, so they'll foot the bills on their own.

Some Facts And Figures......

........... about neurodegenerative disease.  The one I want to focus on in this entry is what is known as "Sandwich Care". That is, caring for an adult with Alzheimer's while also taking care of a child or children at home.  These caregivers constitute nearly 1 in 4 and nearly 60% of those folks rate their stress level as "very high" with 40% reporting symptoms of depression. Lest you think I'm referring to adult children taking care of their elderly parents with Alzheimer's, don't. Don't think that, because I want you to go back a little further in age. I want you to think of teenagers  taking care of their elderly parents. You remember teens, right? Those humans who, from the ages of 13 to 18 are supposed to be going to school and participating in extra-curricular activities such as sports and dating. Just being kids, in other words. Going to dances, proms, games. In short,  having fun ? Instead, we have children taking care of their sick par