Friendship: One Leavin', Two Losin'

Hello again. (psssst! remember to scroll down and click "Read More" to see the whole entry. Thanks! Say you have a friend, and you and that friend forged that bond called "Friendship" You're "Buds", "Homies", "Pals" - Maybe you never call each other that to your faces. You don't need to, do ya? It's just there, right?  Right. It's there. Just a-hangin' in the air. No worries, no cares, 'cause your bud's right there.  Poets, songwriters can use the above for free. It's some of my best rhymin'. Did I make my point about the "great forge of the bond"? One day you find out your friend's going to be leaving - to move far away. You have a little time to get used to it, so you use that time to fill up your head with the memories, the kindnesses, the laughs and the good times. Storing it up, because it might be a  long

"Captain Trips"

Hello my friends, Many of you will recognize the title of today's entry as the nickname of the virus that got loose from a government bio-warfare site in the novel The Stand . I hope that all of you have so far been able to escape our own pandemic   and that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones. This isn't going to be a "Tips From Bill" - kinda thing, although I am available for generic questions I can answer in my capacity as a retired respiratory therapist. For example, I might recommend the purchase of a pulse oximeter to measure the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, but I would not mention a brand name. (Under the rules and regs of blogger/google, I can't do that anyway.). So if I can help any of you with those caveats in mind, send me your questions in the comments and I will be glad to answer them if I can. If you're interested in the logistical aspect of Covid 19 I found  an informative video on YouTube from a group called Peak

Prostate Cancer-Free: Me

As of 1.20.20, my oncologist has diagnosed me as "cancer-free" with my PSA level being 0.16 ( down from 5.8). My Gleason Score remains a 9, however, since I am still a "risk" for the disease, and I will still have to take a hormone shot called Elegard and another called Prolia to help support my skeletal structure being that the hormone shot has a weakening effect on the bones. I have to take those every three months. There are  some side effects from the hormone shot, but so far I have not expressed a desire to shop at Victoria's Secret or dress in Dondra's underwear.😜 So for now, life goes on. I thank my friends and family for the get well wishes and prayers, and since I was always happiest playing my drums, I plan to get them out of the closet and play along to some classic rock music. Thanks Bill