Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Suspending The Blog For A While

I just feel like I'm talking to myself, and I do that too much in real life.

This blog is meant to be a dialogue, not an editorial.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Think We Need To Talk About This

I've been trying to lift everyone's spirits with my crazy and funny ways, but this ain't funny anymore.

Click on the title for the latest Alzheimer's Disease figures so far and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Now the chances are, you know someone with this awful disease. The numbers are just too great, and in my opinion, they are overwhelming.

We appeal, we appeal and we appeal. We write letters to our congress persons, but what good does it do?

LOOK at the damn FIGURES and divide 'em out!

Do you see what I mean????

It ain't just one race! It's all races, Godammit!

So what are we going to do? Cry for the death of our loved ones who succumb to Alzheimer's?

SURE WE ARE! That's only right! We will mourn them! It isn't their fault!

But what else can we do????


Don't y'all think this shit has gone on long enough????

No more begging.

Let's go to demanding!

Think about what I wrote just now next time you lose someone close to you because of this dreadful disease, and ask yourself, "What could I have done?"

Let me leave you with this thought: Just where do you think the money to save our Alzheimer's patients is going?

Certainly not where it should!

WHY do you think Europe is so far ahead of us in meds to arrest (and maybe even cure AD?)

It's because even though the meds have been tested there and have made a difference, OUR FDA is dragging its feet while thousands die!

And why do you think that is, my friends?

Money, perhaps?


I know: It's a repeat. So what? It still fits.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

So How Was YOUR Week?

Mine was pretty good, considering what's going on with me.

For the first time in months, I picked up my accoustic and played a few tunes and formed those all-important callouses. Now I just have to keep it up, so I don't have to form them all over again.

Worked on The Ride about 30 hours this week. On the phone, on the net gettin' them sponsors signed up.

Still looking for a C2C R2C web domain/site, but so many good things have been happening for us, I can't but believe that a website will be happening soon.

Been e-mailing back and forth with my friend Bill in Scotland (who, incidentally co-adminsters WTB? with me to keep me straight and not get goofy with the passwords and username as I did a few months back), and I'm really fortunate to have him as my "computer guru".

Matter of fact, Bill sent me the following picture.(Supposedly of me taking my latest documentary evidence to my local Social Security office):

So.... I wish y'all a great weekend - supposed to be nice and sunny here, if not warm - and I'll leave you with a little bit of "soul music": Here Come The Mummies. Enjoy, and let that dirty mind have its way!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rep. Senator Jim Bunning: Do We Need To Feel SORRY For This Guy?

Click on the title link for the story.....

So what is this guy's agenda????

He isn't running for re-election, yet at every turn, he blocks the extension of unemployment and COBRA insurance benefits for millions!

He speaks very cavalierly about missing a basketball game to be present to vote and then just as cavalierly dismisses those who could benefit most from his vote!

John Stewart of The Daily Show said it best when he suggested this guy should be paged to a phone to get him the hell out of the room, so the vote could commence and PASS!

So my question is: Is the senator mentally challenged or just a stubborn ass?

Or worse, a "cry-baby" thumbing his nose at his party-members as he leaves office?

"Naaa-Naa-Naa-Naa-Naaaa! Guess I showed you guys! Now I'm taking my toys and [Cartman]screw you guyyys, I'm going hoewmm![/Cartman]"

If he's mentally challenged, (and how would we know?), maybe we should reach out to him and invite him to visit and get to know us.

If it's it the other, we should still feel sorry for him and be glad he's leaving office, the poor dear.

Neither one of those issues should make a "hill of beans" to me, brothers and sisters. I don't get unemployment and my COBRA just ran out (which means the dementia meds will soon be gone).

But I DO care about my neighbor, and though I try to be apolitical here in this blog, this shit angers me.

Here's another guy who's pissed off.

Careful, this ain't Johnny Cash you're about to hear, but I'll bet you'll think of JR when you hear and watch this song......

Don't forget the animals!

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