Sunday, August 2, 2009


Had a reallll bad episode of memory-loss today, y'all, and this one's never happened in quite this way before:

We get ready to see Betty in the hospital, and we both pack in preparation of spending the night if we're needed, I took my morning dose of "memory-dope" and we leave the house.

We get there shortly before 11 am, and I'm thinking: "Okay, lunch, then the noon dose of meds and supplemen........Oh, SHIT! I forgot my meds!!!!!

I whisper to D that I forgot them, and she rolls her eyes, but says "Okay, we'll go home and get them (a 55 mile drive)."

Luckily, another family member is spending the night, so we didn't have to go back, and just came on home.

When we got here, I immediately went to my bedside. No meds (I keep them in daily plastic pill containers, and there are three: morning, noon and night).

I say "Oh shit" again, this time with a lot of trepidation in my voice, and I go to my carry-on bag, and guess what I found in it?

Yep. All three cases, packed snug as a bug.

I "Hulked out" (What I call flying into a rage), and started this damn crying again, because what use am I going to be to my own sister-in-law, if I can't even remember to take my own medicines??????

What's unusual about this episode, is that it is two-fold:

1. I was 100% sure I forgot the meds, and would have bet my wife $100.00 dollars that I did, and......

2. I didn't remember to think that, "Well, maybe I forgot them", and checked the bag before we left the hospital to see that I didn't really forget them.

NO! I knew for a damn FACT they were at home, and I was wrong.

This is so upsetting to me because I look and talk like a normal person, but this shit isn't normal, and it's happening more and more often in the course of a day!

About Betty: Her primary doctor (whom we all love, BTW) says we should hold off on the neuro-surgery, because we don't know how much it would help her, and also, we don't know how much harm it would do.

She's still on the vent, and the vitals look good, she's responding some, and we're now talking about LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) for her, which is an optimistic thing.

When that happens, the family's going to have to set up a more rigid schedule, because she'll still be in Atlanta, and we'll have to travel back and forth.

No problem for the "German Boy", if I could just remember whether to shit or wind my watch!

Speaking of forgetfulness, My SIL loves "The Man In Black" as much as I do:

PS: Thanks, Becks, for the great idea of playing Hank Williams music at her bedside! We'll do that just as soon as she's off the vent again, because right now, there's no room for a cd player. We are keeping the TV on and she can hear it from the speaker on her bed.

The fur-babies need our clicks!

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Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

Couldn't really check funny, interesting or cool on this one, all I could think of, is go, hmmmmm.

I'm glad Betty is doing a little better. Is the TV in her room on Satellite or Cable? If so, they have channels with just music, maybe a country station.

I woke up Saturday morning, did my required duties and sat down with my cup of coffee, turning on my lifeline PC and discovered that my modem had taken its leave. Short of having a real panic attack, not being able to connect to the outside world, I had to make many phone calls to find a replacement, pronto. By evening I was back up and running again, but not without other stresses. I went out to start my car to run and purchase the new modem and my battery was dead. I got a jump start and thought I just wouldn't shut the car off, long enough to run in and purchase the modem. Well my tank was nearly empty and I knew darn well that if I kept the car running while trying to gas it up, I would surely get static electricy and blow myself and everything else around me up. I live about 25 miles from where I had to go, so I drove it as far as I could before running out of gas so the battery would charge up. It did and fortunately it stayed charged up with several more places to stop before going home. I'm always so excited when things do go right. BUT, when I got back home, I turned off the car to unload some stuff, went back out to drive the car next door to my neighbor, who is a backyard mechanic to check things out and it was dead. He brought over some testing stuff and determined it was the battery and not alternator or generator and he got it started again. So off to Walmart to get a new battery. So far that has done the trick. It was a very long, hot, expensive day.

I have another story just like yours, but I suppose I better stop now.

If D isn't too stressed out herself maybe you could enforce a double check system on each other. I've found this works with a friend of mine, until we're both having the same kind of forgetful day. Then I just attribute it to this and have a good laugh:

Fräulein, Becky