Introducing Christopher Drew Craig, Born Oct.10, 2019

Christopher is our Great-Grandson and he celebrated his first Thanksgiving with all of us today,  (Please click on "Read More" to see all photos) November 28th, 2019. The "Star Of the Show" is presented in all photos, including his own, his Great-Grandmother, Dondra; myself and last but not least, his father, Julian - the son of our Jason, who passed away 3 years ago. I will post more photos after the Christmas Holiday. Thanks for taking a look and for welcoming Christopher to the blog.

A Slow Train's A-Comin'

Hello again

Hopefully, some of you are still following the blog and maybe some of you might even have thought I'd left the planet, but no, I'm still around.

At almost 70, I don't make guarantees as to the fluidity of the blog, but I do feel I need to update you on what's going on with me/us so far this year, so here we go:

Regarding the "Slow Train", I reckon by just being told I have prostate cancer, that I'm apparently not  immortal and I'll be catching that train off the planet when it arrives. Luckily, the Cancer Treatment Center Of America has a better than 80% cure rate, and the cancer has not metastasized to my bones, so that's a plus.

But I'm dealing with a "double whammy": my heart's the other one. Recently, I have had what are called syncopal episodes which have caused me to fall and lose consciousness for a couple of seconds. These happen if I get out of bed too quickly and/or even when I'm active. ECG's revea…

Happy New Year 2018-2019

Another year older. More time spent writing songs, playing guitar (drums remain in the closet) and posting some tunes on SoundCloud for friends.

Other than that, just taking the best possible care I can of Dondra.

Best wishes from both of us.


Another Helllacious Year In The Can

And this one has been a rough one for me and Dondra.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the first without our only child and the first without Dondra's sister who passed last weekend.

But even though neither one of us feel like celebrating we are thankful for the few friends whose shoulders we've been able to lean on all year. Especially my friends on, an international group of muscians, songwriters and poets sharing our knowledge and occasionally post our work on YouTube or SoundCloud.

We both wish you a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Bill and Dondra

PS: Sorry for the few posts, but fighting these "dragons" is a time-consuming job.

Rest In Peace, My Son

Jason Christopher Craig

8.25.1970 - 6.3.2017

He loved Jimmy Buffett, but this one was one of his favorites from the "younger years"

Jason's Tribute/Memorial site is located  here

Thanks to all of you who have posted your condolences.


Been A While, Huh?

Yep, I haven't written since March, so here's an update on Dondra and Bill.

First of all, Dondra is feeling much better ! She's up and around, cooking, yelling at me (which I love) and even driving short distances. She drove to her hairdresser today (our niece Pat) by herself, It was about a mile away and I was glad when she came back. She thanks all of you who read this blog for your prayers, thoughts and "get well" wishes.

On the other hand though, she's on a lot of meds and we don't dare let her run out. Some of them are very expensive, but we budget for that and no problems there at present. She has great doctors who treat as her as an equal due to her many years working hand in hand with them as a respiratory therapist.

As for me, well..... things haven't gone so well lately. I spent a week in hospital due to having septic pneumonia. To explain, that is when you have blood poisoning and it gets into one's lungs. The docotr told me, "You …


Dear Friends and Readers

I wish so much I could describe the year in a different "light", but when I explain my reasons for the above post title, maybe you will understand my pessimistic attitude.

While considering the format of this particular entry, I thought to myself, "You know? Some of this stuff actually happened simultaneously, so how are you going to present it all?  Time-wise? No format at all? In terms of severity? All three?"

As most of you are familiar with my style of writing, why don't we just get started? I promise not to lead you astray and bring you back safe and sound, okay?

You're in good (if shaky and older) hands.


Pretty much all of 2015 made me wanna yell, "Cut!!!, Time Out!!! Rewrite!!", , but there was no time for that. It seemed there was one calamity after another, and hardly any of them got solved/resolved, because....."....there was no time...".