Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks, Colin Worthington And Newstalk 1330 WLBB!!!!

World Alzheimer's Day 2011

Wednesday Sept. 21st (yesterday) 2011 was World Alzheimer's Day and, Colin had me on his Community Voice radio program for a 30 minute interview regarding  dementia and its attendant subject matter, such as symptoms, care giving, legislation and how I, personally, am dealing with having "Young Onset".

Thank you, Colin, for putting me at ease and making the whole 30 minutes flow so smoothly. I found I need not have been apprehensive about being on the other side of the microphone since I did your job back in the 20th century! It was especially appropriate being with you yesterday since the entire month of September is Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

On behalf of the Atlanta, Georgia Chapter of the Association, thanks for helping us spread the word!

PS: My wife thanks you for the compliment as she pulled into the station's parking lot: "I see your LOVELY wife is here to pick you up, Bill......."

I get into the car and she goes, "How come you can't say that stuff, honey???"

So yeah, thanks a lot, Dude!!!!  HAHAHA!

Couple Of Updates

A couple of entries back I wrote that I'm chasing down some facts, figures and demographics on a couple of dementia subjects I've been curious about: Alzheimer's In The Workplace and Veterans With Alzheimer's.

Well, here are the updates on both: There aren't any!

See, those numbers are hard to track with any degree of accuracy because of the diagnosis factor. Someone may be at work with the disease, but hasn't been officially diagnosed because they're still undergoing testing and/or like me, be in denial.

In the case of our vets, well what were you thinking, Bill???? They're all over the place, man! They may be on the streets, homeless; they may be carrying that "monkey" around   self-treating, or last but not least, they're caught in "the system", waiting, waiting and waiting to  be seen, and just finally throw up their hands ans say "screw this" and leave.

Well you know what happens then, right? They get worse and worse, their marriage may break up and they may be misdiagnosed as having PTSS (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome).

So how is a guy supposed to get any definitive numbers from all of those variables?

If I ever do come up with some accurate facts and figures, I'll let ya know.

Speaking Of Veterans.......

A few weeks ago I posted that a new Veteran's Hospital Satellite Center is being built here in Carrollton. I think that's going to be just great, and if everything's still mostly  "affirmative" with me at that time, I plan to volunteer my services there to help  my brothers find their way around or help them get where they're going. This would be a different kind of "volunteer" than the one I did in the 70's!! HA!
Speaking Of Veterans, Pt II.....

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