Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Have Us A Snort Of Insulin, Y'on't To?

Potpourri Day

Got hold of  a news item a couple of days ago and I'll share it with you here. Apparently a new study shows that inhaled insulin can slow some of the effects of dementia, but there's a problem: nasally inhaled insulin was discontinued a few years ago, and of course, more study is needed. Here is the USA Today article.

As you might surmise, if you snort that stuff up your schnozz it gets to the brain quicker, therefore helping a patient faster. But again, "more studies are needed". I'd be the first in line for a trial, but as we all know anything new which might help us takes forever to hit the market. Meanwhile, our symptoms get worse. Don'tcha just love it?


World Dementia Awareness Day Sept. 21st

Just a reminder: Please wear purple tomorrow to show your support for Research, Care and Legislation. Also don't forget the Alzheimer's Walks in your state and communities. Just go to www.alz.org to find a walk near you. We currently have 31 thousand teams in the US and 17 of those are in Georgia.  Also "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" is playing for the Alzheimer's Association this week, the 19th-23rd.


Alzheimer's Advocacy: We Need YOU!

Join us as an Alzheimer Advocate--as we speak with ONE VOICE--to educate elected officials, raise awareness, educate and support families, and raise funds for research. Please contact our local Association at 404-728-1181 to let them know you're ready to go to work. I have worked as an Advocate for 2 years and have learned so much and met some great people. We get together once a month (usually on the 3rd Wednesday) to have lunch, and you are invited. Our group is called "Forget Me Nots", and not only do we enjoy the fellowship, but we discuss legislation, upcoming events and latest research.


Sandwiched Care
Y'all have read about this here before. It means the child of an Alzheimer's patient is not only taking care of that elderly parent, but also trying to take care of a family including the children.

Here's something I haven't mentioned: In many cases of Sandwiched Care who do you think sometimes has to take up the slack? Right. The caregiver's children, and that's just wrong. I don't mean it's wrong for them to do chores that help their Moms and Dads, it's wrong that they have to take over running the household while their parents try to work and take care of their demented parent (s).

Kids are for playing and having fun and advancing in school, not to be substitute parents. It's not the parents' fault. Actually, it's no one's fault that the children have to grow up so fast and do adult stuff, but when you look at the big picture here's what you see: 15 million caregivers providing  17  billion hours of unpaid care costing 202 billion dollars. That's quite a drain on the family budget for sure.

In 2008 a survey revealed that children of caregivers help with the care of the Alzheimer's patient. This is commendable, of course it is, because when they're adults they'll see a lot of dementia, and as I wrote before, I hope that the various types of dementias are taught in school as part of the Human Biology classes

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