Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Suspending The Blog For A While

I just feel like I'm talking to myself, and I do that too much in real life.

This blog is meant to be a dialogue, not an editorial.

Please don't forget to click to feed every day!

Thanks and see you sometime.



Jo said...

Sorry to see you do this. I don't come here every day, but when I do, what you have to say is interesting, lively and I think vital for getting information out. You have quite a few followers, so please keep up the good work. Have you thought about having a facebook page to go along with this? That would really get the message out!
your friend Jo in Deutschland

mrsnj said...

I am sorry you are shutting down. I try and read when I can. But I know that life sometimes takes over and........
Well hope you come back. I enjoy your writing!

Anonymous said...

My dear DAB, I know life is overwhelming you right now and without your meds and not being able to go to the doctor as you humanly, rightfully, should be able too, it's making things seem even worse.

You know there are a lot of people out here, who care about you, D, and your wellbeing. Yet, some of us are also overwhelmed, fearful of our futures and struggling just to survive and keep our heads above water.

You've got a lot on your plate right now to sort out and take care of. If the blog is adding another time consuming burden, then give it a rest for now. But please at least let us know how you are getting along and keep us up to date.

I come here at least once a day if not a few times to check on you and see what new things you are enjoying and working on.

I've gotten a lot of pleasure from your path in life and the entertainmnet.

Please don't leave us hanging, wondering how you are. We love and care about you both.

I'm sorry if we haven't responded as you would like us to, but know that we are here and we hear you, love you, wish and hope for you, that we could do something more, but some of us are in the same boat.

Even I run out of creative tiny URL's to help cheer you and me up.

Come back when you feel up to it, we'll be watching.

Love you much, Becks

Bill Craig said...

Dear Y'all

Thanks for the compliments and the love, they are appreciated much more than I can express with the written word.

Yes, I am having medication issues, which, in turn, cause the depression to be much worse, but right now (and I wish I could help this), I feel very much ALONE.

Please know also that this decision isn't based on hurt feelings. It's just that sometimes I feel the need to just SHUT THE HELL UP, because I'm not "saying" anything constructive or useful, and this is one of those times, chirrun.

My Becks, you already know how I feel about you and DEB (my friend Bill in Scotland), and Jo, I will always treasure the much too short a time you and I spent together in your beloved Frankfurt, Germany.

mrsnj, we have yet to meet, but you took the trouble to write, and that makes you a friend just as much as the other 32 followers.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm doing another ride for the animals in September, and my friend Bill is administering the site for me. The address is Please visit it if you feel like keeping up with what I'm doing, because this ride is going to be even more successful than the one I did in '08.

[Ahnold]"I'll be BACK!"[/Ahnold]

I love y'all and "Auf Wiedersehen" (which does NOT mean "good bye", BTW!)



Anonymous said...

very popular to u! ........................................

Margaret said...

Hi Bill,

Just back from a stay in Vancouver. I was away from a keyboard for 10 days!
Prior to that, I dropped by your blog every day. Though I didn't have much to say, I was always interested in your posts and your music choices, as well as Becks' whimsical urls.

Sorry you're stepping away from this but I hope you return after the ride.

As for the situation with your meds, it is appalling. I won't go on about this anymore, but you know what I think. I just hope Obama gets something decent passed.

Hugs to you and D,


Anonymous said...

Dear Everybody,

I'm only just now feeling like answering my mails

Dear Margaret,

Because of the meds situation, I too have been lax in answering my e-mails.

It may take a while, but I ALWAYS answer.

Becks found me a clinic here in Carrollton that will see me on a sliding scale or for free! Isn't that great?

I may start the blog again in a few days. Just trying to get used to being off the meds.

Thanks for your notes and kind thoughts!


Margaret said...

Phew! Great news about the clinic. Becks is quite an amazing friend. I don't know about going off your meds, though. Aren't they supposed to help to slow down the disease? I wonder if the clinic can help you get some at a reduced price. I take it the VA hasn't yet responded to your request-- or did I miss something?
Take good care!