Sunday, September 27, 2009


Y'all have read my comments about my "Doper" friends ( before, but what I'm about to relate to you now is a prime example of how "close-knit" a family we are.

I haven't written too much about this, but since this past March, things ain't been too rosy for the "German Boy" as far as finances go. Still waiting on the SSDI to start, so with my pension and what D makes, we are barely scraping by.

People who know me personally know that in addition to being a smart-ass and yes, arrogant, I am also proud to a fault and find it very difficult to ask anyone for a favor.

Well, that all changed last Friday morning when I asked my "Doper Kids" if they could help me out in getting some way past-due bills paid, and boy-howdy if they didn't just take that ball and run with it!

Due to their kindness and generosity, we are able to pay off some credit cards in addition to keeping the IRS "at bay".

This isn't the first time that the Dopers have come to someone's rescue, and will surely not be the last. As an international message board, it's truly remarkable how we all come together and "take care of our own" this way!

With our economy in the "toilet" and no relief in sight, it was extremely kind to help us out in this way and D and I are VERY grateful indeed.

So what else is happenin'?

An update on the leg: saw my doctor last week and he informed us that it wasn't my ankle I broke, but the fibula, and I am having to wear "Das Boot" ;) for another couple of weeks, at which time he will determine if he needs to put in a "plate", which I hope will not be necessary.

Speaking of "plates", I know of a Mexican orthopedic surgeon, who, as he was installing a plate in someone's leg, said "Careful, this plate is hot"


Next Sunday, D and I have been invited to see the musical Hair, by my niece, Lisa who works the stage lighting for the cast. The musical plays until October 10th, at the Seven Stages theatre in Little Five Points (a suburb of Atlanta, where "guess who" used to hang out in his "hippie days?"

D and I haven't been able to get out much lately, so we're very excited and are looking forward to the play and having lunch with Lisa beforehand. Lisa is a daughter of Wayne and our dear Betty, and is the "family celebrity".

This is a "replay", but I couldn't think of a better way to express my thanks to my "Doper Kids" than this song:

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Anonymous said...

Ah, now my eyes are watering up. What a great group of people you have come to know like family.

I've never registered on the dope, cuz I already spend way too much time on my puter. Same with Facebook, Twitter and others that my friends and family request me to get on. But I might now, just to find the link to the thread, so I can read the kind replies to your plight. Unless you just want to post the link here. Nosey Becks ya know.

This is definitely another example of paying it forward. If all of us would just put that into practice, whether to help financially or just helping one another in whatever way we can. The world would be a much better place.

I know that this was hard for you to do and then post it here, but I'm glad you did. Wish I could contribute to the cause, but alas, we're pretty much in the same situation as you, just getting by.

Hint, Hint out there. Just kidding, unless someone would like to flip the bill for a trip to Scotland to see my DEB. Any jet owners heading for Scotland?

Enjoy your trip to see Hair. Love that play. Are they gonna get nekkid at the end? Take pictures, hee hee

Next time, Becks

Oh word for today, comdom. Nope read that wrong, condo. hee hee

Margaret said...

Hi Bill,

My guy and I came back from Ottawa last night- he had a convention there-- so I didn't know about your situation. Just found out a few minutes ago when I read this blog.

I wish you didn't have to go through so much trouble. It's bad enough being sick and trying to cope with that, but worrying about finances as well? That sucks megaliths. I hope Obama gets some decent system going so that people can have proper medical care without losing everything that gives them material security in the meanwhile.

BTW, I'm not a Doper kid, I consider YOU a Doper younger brother, so there you are, kiddo.

Take care, and get well wishes to D and you. Enjoy the musical!

Join the Dope, I mean it. It's worth it.

Bill Craig said...

Never a dull moment on The Dope, huh, Margaret? :D

Thanked you in the thread and I am thanking you here as well.

Becks, I forgot to ask Lisa about that (gettin' nekkid, I mean), but if they ARE, then I guess it's a good thing both Wayne and Ramona (D's older bro and sis) turned us down when we asked if they'd like to attend!


CLOSE one!

Lisa said they also cut a couple of the "not so popular" songs out of the play, but they DID leave in "3-5-0-0"!

Thanks, you two!

Bill & D

PS: I'm NEVER gonna hear the end of tha faux pas-typo, am I, Becks? :D