Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There I was, a couple of nights ago, about to chow down on some great-smellin' vittles, when my sister-in-law (another one) goes: "Bill, ask the blessin', please?"


I mean, Jesus Christ (sorry!)! My jaw woulda dropped on the floor if I hadn't supported it, and the first words (normally) out of my mouth would have been, "You have got to be shittin' me!"

I mean, look at this from my viewpoint, okay?

Pretend you've got the Pope, Billy Graham, Dr. Martin Luther King, Oral Roberts (and his bro' "Anal"), even this guy:

And at the end of that line-up, ya got your ol' pal Bill standing there, picking his nose.

Now, who are ya gonna pick to ask the blessing?

See what I mean?

So I said some stuff, beginning with the words, "It's been a while, ain't it?", and I guess it was okay with everybody, but I mean, damn, (sorry) I'm the least likely person one would ever want to ask the blessin'!

I'm about as lost a boy as "Pardner" in this film:

Hope you weren't offended, but I warned y'all! Thanks very much for the 300 plus clicks yesterday, and it's okay with me if you wanna just pass by MY comments and just click to feed the critters! (or better yet, bookmark the site!)

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Bill Craig said...

Becks has got my "number", and (I think) so does Margaret, foodhoe, and, more than likely, ALL of you!

But ya know what?

That's just FINE with "The German Boy"!

If I can make you smile, laugh, (or even just shake your head) at what I write, that's enough for me.

I'm WAY past caring about what people think of me!

I'm "seasoned"!