Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some TIMES You Just Gotta Say, "To Hell With It!"

"It's been a good (and interesting) life, and who am I to claim to be the 'center' of it?"

Of course I'm not!

I once thought I was, but then I got "patients", and got to know them, and their families, and yes, loved them, too!

Then it all just slipped away.

So fast.

What a voice, huh?

And while we're at it, why not a tune from some of my favorite pickers and smilers?

I know y'all will know my Darlin' Emmylou and my favorite picker Chet, but who else do you see?

Sorry. Can't embed.

Remember the critters, please, and "Bert" (my long-haired domestic) says..... MROWWWWW?

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Thank you!



Anonymous said...

OK, let's see. The gray haired bearded guy is Mike McDonald, Mark Knopfler, who I believe put this special together, background quitar. The brilliant Everly Brothers.

What I don't know is, who is the third back up singer with the Everly Brothers, reddish hair and beard. Guess I'll have to hit Google to see if I can find out.

My folks used to watch Austin City Limits and I believe they have this special on video tape.

Of course this sent me off watching the rest of the videos posted for this special. Some of the best country western musicians all together. Don't see that much anymore.

OK, nuff playing, back to the real world.

Later, Becks

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, no match for the Roy. Love him too.


Bill Craig said...

JESUS, Becks!

Are you like, the "Wikipedia" of this blog????

Now I have to go back and try to identify the third guy! *LOL*

Mark Knopfler looks like my best friend in High School, and I firmly believe they have the same temperament/personality!

They also BOTH rock as MUSICIANS!

Love to you and DEB!

From me and D!

Anonymous said...

Nope can't find the identity of that third guy, so I give up.