Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Lightening The Load"

First off, everything's fine.

With me.

Betty's going to be in long-term Re-hab and has had a tracheostomy done since she'll also be on the ventilator during that time, and, at another hospital. This means setting up a schedule for at least one person to stay the night with her at the new place and it looks like that person will be me. D will be there in the daytime as much she can and still work.

Statistics show that most mistakes with patients occur at night, so with what knowledge I have I can at least make sure she gets the proper care, although we're assured that Select is on of the better LTACs.

So if you don't see me on the blog for a while, this will be why. I can check e-mails and even answer them, but as for writing any blog entries, I just don't know.

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And enjoy one of my favorite Johnny Cash tunes!




Anonymous said...

DAB, glad you are feeling and being better. You will need to be, in order to watch over your dear Betty. It's always good to be needed, helpful and useful to others.

That five year old is adorable and very talented.

Will wait to hear more from you.

Word verification today is, dishon, don't want that to happen.


Bill Craig said...

I'm gonna "dish on" you!" *LOL*

And that 5 year old?.... Yeah, he looks like my son Jason did when HE was five!

"I shot a man in Weno"...... *S*

Thanks, Becks!

DAB (Der Andere Bill)

Margaret said...

What Becks wrote, about your feeling better etc. Betty is lucky that she'll have her own personal therapist.

Take good care, Bill, of yourself first and of Betty.

I had an overdose of cute with that video...