Friday, August 14, 2009

Lightening The Load: Part Deux

Something I meant to address in the first post with that name, but didn't - is I have finally come to the realization that all those material things I have gathered and collected in my life-time have suddenly become very unimportant.

Y'all, I have given away my entire Stephen King hardback collection - right up until the very last book I bought called Dumas Key.

I also will give away (or donate) other hard-backs/paperbacks/softbacks, and you wanna know why?

I will never ever read them again, and why shouldn't someone else have them?

Yes, I know I could have sold them, but my God, who wants to go through all that trouble?

I also took all my Batman comics to the dump (some of them dating to the late 60's), because who gives a flyin frigg? There's no market for them anyway and the guy at the dump is a Batman fan, so maybe I made him happy!

My cd collection will most likely be the be the next to go, and then the DVD's, because, honestly, I haven't listened to or watched either one in the last half-year or so.

I used to love Christmas, and have a lot of Thomas Kincaid stuff for the tree (which is gone now too), but no more. Off to the dump they go.

I haven't ridden my beloved TREK 1000 for a couple of months now, so why shouldn't she go to some young kid who needs a good bike?

My guitars and drums will be the last, but I'm shedding the load, because right now, just living one more day means more to me than anything I own.

I think my train is on its way, so the lighter the load, the easier the road.

And the more of the material crap I can shed, the more I'll be able to pay attention to those I love, while I still can.

Funny, isn't it, how it can all slip through your hands so quickly?

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Margaret said...

I understand. I had the same urge after my first husband died, but if I had advice to give, just a bit, it would be to wait before giving all your things away. If you are certain that you'll never want to use specific items, then go ahead. Otherwise, wait a year or so before doing such a drastic thing.

If I read your blog correctly, isn't your AD diagnosis in doubt? Wait until you've had the results of whatever treatment or tests you undergo.

It's wise to want to lighten your load of possessions (or should I write "possessings"), but some of those things have given you joy in the past and may do so again.

Hugs, sorry about Betty. You were really looking forward to helping her back to health, and her loss might explain in part the urge you're feeling now.

What does Dondra feel about all this?

Take care, hugs to you both,


Anonymous said...

Hi DAB, I read your post last night and wanted to think this through before posting.

In the meantime dear Margaret has said all I was thinking.

Yes we all need to get rid of the clutter and truly useless unnecessay things that we haven't worn or used in several years, but we all know, as soon as we get rid of something, we all of a sudden have a need for it and have to get another one. Hee Hee

Somewhere in your blog you said you were going to try another ride for the critters. Have you chucked that idea?

DEB and I are so sad to read you would get rid of your guitars and drums. He really regrets making that decision, and has found renewed joy in music.

Keep the things that have really brought you happiness as you might find a renewed joy, not only for yourself, but to share with others.

I ask the same question. How does D feel about all this?

I came across this poem again, as I have been dealing with the loss of some dear friends lately. It does help to put the important things that really matter first in our lives.

Best to you and D,

DEB and Becks

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Bill Craig said...

Well, as I will explain at a later time (when I get it all "set in stone" in my head, that is) I've been paying too much attention to the wrong things - putting more emphasis on the "material boy", as it were.

In the last 5-6 years, I have alienated so many people through my arrogance, and yes, maybe NARCISSISM as well.

Some of those people I can never "get back", although I very happily reunited my best friend in high school, whom I had not seen in 24 years (since my divorce from D).

So what can I do?

I'll spend whatever time I have left being a more loving, friendlier Bill, giving of MYSELF raher than buying myself "toys" which only give me "temporary" pleasure.

I am so lucky that I have a woman who loves me, and has never STOPPED loving me, although I encouraged her to find someone more deserving than me, throughout all the years.

As I said, I will elaborate more later on the "Bill" you have not yet met, and whom I hope you will never see again.

For now, let me just say again, I don't know when it will get here, but I know my "train's" on the way, so I'd like to spend the rest of whatever time there's left being good to my family and friends rather than shutting them out.

The "Ride For The Critters?"

I'd dearly love to do another one, and had planned one for next month, but so much has happened that I have not had time to train.

In the meantime, I took one of last year's posters to my new friend Alan, who runs the local bike store here, and provided him with the website, should HE want to sponsor me.

I pretty much financed and "ran" the last one, and I just don't have the energy to do anything but pedal, so for now my TREK 1000 is safe. *LOL*

As far as the AD?

Well, let's hope that it isn't the "full-blown" kind, but you MUST know that the dementia is there regardless.