Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Wish I Were A Mousie

Y'all have read where I've hammered on this before: "Studies show....", "Research Indicates...." "Consuming mass amounts of ______ is strongly linked to a cure for........", and on and on ad nauseam.

I even spoofed it in a previous blog entry: here (be sure to click the video for a laugh)

Now it's coffee, 5-6 cups a day according to a couple of links my friend Helga of Australia sent me this morning

And here

As Helga wrote, "Wouldn't it be great if it was the be all to end all?"

Oh, yeah! If all I had to do was drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day, you'd better believe I'd have me one of those cappucino machines in a "New York Minute!"

Thanks, Helga, and we hope to see both of you next year here in the US!

Now, I know I have to take all this with a grain of salt, and at least they're out there trying, right? It's all part of research, and I hope to God it leads us somewhere positive, because right now, once we're diagnosed, there's an 8-year window before we start to really, well.....die!

So I guess what I'm saying is "Keep it up, keep it going, never stop trying to find a cure, but just find some kind of a way to present your data, so that we don't all start fruitlessly consuming mass quantities of "x" in hopes of reversing this thing.

Jesus, what if they suddenly were to come out with "Studies have shown that fornicating 10 times a day can reverse Alzheimer's"? (Or did they already?)

"Oh, Honnneeey? It's time again!

Yup, I wish I were a "MOUSIE"

Enjoy this one!

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Anonymous said...

I received this same info in a newsletter today.

Seems to me that it would save a lot of time and expense if they would just take a survey with those who have AD and see how much coffee or caffeine they had comsumed during their lives.

My grandmother drank either hot or cold, very strong tea, everday of her life and she had AD. Of course it wasn't diagnosed as that at the time.

Are you getting our emails?

Take care of you and yours as best you can.


Bill Craig said...


NO! I cannot find any e-mails from you guys!

PLEASE tell me you and Bill saved them and re-send to THIS address:

wolkenlaufer@yahoo.com and ALSO to
quasimodem1_2005@yahoo.com, just in case they may be going into my trash w/o me ever seeing them!

I have been LOOKING FORWARD to hearing from both of you!

About the coffee; See what I mean?

What do you get when you force a drunk to drink coffee?

A wide-awake drunk! HA!



Der Andere Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi y'all,

We did send them to this address that is shown in your profile contact info.


Have you checked your spam folder to see if they are still in there, or have you deleted that?

Not to worry, we still have them.

We will try the other address as well, maybe tomorrow, need to go to bed.

Take care, Becky

Anonymous said...

OK, der andere Bill, we've both sent you emails to both email addresses, have you gotten them?

It's very weird that neither of our emails got through to you.

If you get them please respond with an email back so we know we're getting yours.

I'm sending you another one now.

Hope you're having a decent day.

Fräulein, Becky

Anonymous said...

You sexy thang.

Still wanna be a Mousie?


Guess who?

Bill Craig said...


I have checked e-mails on both accounts and there is nothing there. Checked trash and spam folders too.

No idea what's going on, Sorry!


Anonymous said...

This is really too weird. Maybe security from our end or yours blocking us.

I'm going to forward an email from the account I've been sending them to you from to my yahoo account and then send it to you from there with our email addresses so you can add them to your address book and maybe that will unblock them.

Send a reply back if you get them.

Hope this works.

Befuzzled Becky

Bill Craig said...

Okay, I just re-set my spam filter on the quasimodem account, and the comment you just now posted showed up in my spam folder, but other than my usual penis enlargement and Frederick's of Hollywood ads there was nothing else there. *wink*

Try once more, please on the quasi account, Becky.



Anonymous said...

Ok, one more thing I thought of, is open your yahoo inbox, upper right hand corner, options, mail options, click on that, to the left spam, click, look for blocked email addresses, see if we're in there and highlight and click add. This should put us in your address book.

I'll send you another email from my yahoo and then my sbc one to both your email addresses.


Bill Craig said...


Everything's fine now. Please use the quasi account as I check that one most often.