Monday, July 13, 2009

And Sometimes, You Just Want To Leave It All Behind

Do y'all have days like those too?

Well, instead of a bar named Cheers I go to my own world, called "Azeroth", and you have read of this before on this blog.

It is part of a "Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game" or......


What this allows me to do is explore the "inner" me: The Bill who has a kind and chivalric heart and who, in real life, would be a little "tough" to accept that way.

I have tried to show it in real life with my compassion for my patients and my love for animals and their welfare, but in the former, people are likely to say (and have), "Well, that's what you were getting paid for, wasn't it?", and in the latter (Because I am so deeply involved), people tend to think of that as a kind of fanaticism. *sigh*

So, I go to Azeroth (World of Warcraft) and, as "Wolkenlaufre" ("Cloud-Walker" in German), my character, I am assigned various "quests" I have to complete, and in return I am "rewarded" with experience points and payments as a "warrior".

One also gains stature by "levelling" and can purchase stronger and better weapons, and recently, in my case, my own horse. She is a Chestnut Mare and I have named her "Silka" (Click on the picture to enlarge it to see "Wolkie" and "Silka" a bit better. That sword on my/his back? Dude that's a cleaver fer sure!)

So that's where I am when I'm not asleep, or doing other stuff.

The Animal Rescue Site

13 more days. Last time I checked, Paulding was in 11th place. I'm like that frog about to be swallowed by the heron: I never, ever give up, so please don't you either! Click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane in the Shelter Challenge. Thanks!

Meanwhile, over on The Straight Dope, here's a story about a dog and a family that's done just about all they can for this poor guy.




Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh brother, what can I say.

Started reading the story about Riley and couldn't finish as it made me to sad. So I picked the story back up today and now I'm so irked at his daddy for making some very poor decisions with a dog so sick and so weak. I wouldn't have let my pooch go ten feet away from me in that condition. GRRRRRRR...
Hope it does have a happy ending for all concerned, but COME ON GUY, get it together.

I'm even wondering if the invisible fence shocker thing, wasn't the cause of the seizures to begin with and then to put that collar on him when he was so weak, unbelievable.

Poor Riley, may not live long because of the foolish decisions made by his owner.

Just my two cents for what it's worth.

Margaret said...

I feel terrible for Riley too, I cringed when I read about the collar and invisible fence for a sick, epileptic dog.

But I figure people do their best-- by their own lights. I can't see myself thinking of a replacement dog while my pet is still out there, lost.

But I wish them well and hope that Riley finds his way back home.

Bill, I've been voting twice a day, once from home and once from the office. I hope the PHS moves up fast.

Bill Craig said...

Although I no longer live in Paulding County (Carroll County now). Paulding Humane Society will always have a place in my heart.

I wasn't really that much of a "hands-on" person (wanted to be - but it just wasn't "in the cards", I reckon), but those folks work very hard to save every animal that comes to that shelter, and let me tell ya' - that shelter is VERY over-crowded, and they sure could use that money.

So thank you Margaret, Becks, and everyone who's clicking and voting!

If nothing else, we "came together" for a common cause, and I know y'all did it because I asked you to, and that is just the sweetest thing you could have done for me and the animals.

So with 10 days left to go, let me just give y'all a big virtual HUG and THANK YOU for helping us!



Bill Craig said...

People make bad decisions, Becks. It's what makes us human.

What's important to know, is that they are TRYING, and how much "trying" do you think those pets facing euthanasia every Wednesday at the Paulding shelter, get?

SOMEBODY had to turn them in, and basically say "I don't want him/her anymore!" And that is what it all "boils down to" isn't it?

Rejection. Pure and simple.

But fuck it, we're ALREADY doing it to our own kind - what difference is a a little four-footer gonna make?

WE domesticated THEM, Goddammit!


I'm sorry, Becks, and I'm sorry if I have hurt anyone else's feelings, but I'm kind of a fanatic when it comes to the welfare of the animals....

They don't understand.