Friday, October 31, 2014

"How Was Your Vacation, Bill?" PART I

Hey Everyone

Ever had someone ask you that after you returned? What do you tell them? Here are some answers you may have heard before or maybe you have used them yourself:

1. It was great! Thanks for asking.

2. Fine. Just not long enough.

3. Great, but I hated to come back to work.

How about this one?:


That's right: I was in my beloved Germany for 12 days and I don't know if it was me being older (3 years since my last visit), or if friends and family were getting tired of seeing me, but it totally sucked.

I have written before that Dondra couldn't go because of her knees and just not being able to handle all the walking necessary in airports and the places we would have visited together. That should have been my "wake-up" call that the "vacation" wasn't going to go well, but well, I mean damn..... you do your best to make it work, right? Sure didn't want to let on that I wasn't having a good time thereby making the folks I was visiting feel bad.

Airline lost my luggage --- Omen #2 ------ one of my suitcases had half my meds in it, and, it turned out, all the medicine for pain. Solution: see a German physician, show him the documents which showed the meds I was on and have him write a new prescription. Total cost: $103.00 USD. Luggage arrived two days later.

Before I go on, I need to let you all know that a large part of visiting my German family was to gather some family history from my uncle and I was looking forward to seeing him, but he stood me up and had me meet and have a late afternoon "tea" with my three cousins, who of course didn't know shit about the family, said as much and related that my Uncle Bernd didn't want to tell me anything anyway. Apparently, there are/were some skeletons in the Kuehn family closet and I am not supposed to know about them. What they didn't know, however, was that I already knew about that, but the information was so sketchy I needed someone to fill in the gaps.

This was also my last time to visit my home country. That was it. If my wife can't go, then no one will go. The only reason I even went this time was because it was a non-refundable ticket.

So this is part one, my friends. There's more to come about my trip to and from Hell. It is a bit lengthy, but I promise you it won't be boring or without humor. Stay tuned.
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