Thursday, November 21, 2013

"What We Got Heah......".............Good And Safe Eats............. Watch What I Say

Hey Everyone

No, these aren't JEOPARDY categories, but the titles of this entry's content. Much has happened since we last spoke, so let's get right to it.....
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Those of you who follow me or are my friends on Facebook will know that I recently discovered that since I'm over the age of 62 (I'm 63), I can return to college and take whatever courses are available --- for free.

 Or so I thought.

When I decided to pursue this, a friend was kind enough to drive over to my alma mater, the University of West Georgia, to pick up whatever it is I would need to get started. When she explained my situation, she was told, yes, the classes are free, but the fees are $929.00 per semester.


That's not really "free" then, is it? Besides, the fees are for stuff I would never ever use: medical clinic, student activities, parking, etc. etc. Certainly, I expect to pay for books and lab fees, but $929.00???? Fugeddaboutit!

But y'all know me...... I don't give up easily and the next thing I did was contact the entity which governs all the universities in the state of Georgia: The Georgia University System. I e-mailed them and received an answer the same day informing me that I was correct and they provided me with the following  link.....

See anything interesting? Although a little ambiguously worded, what I see is I shouldn't have to pay that $929 bucks. What do you see?

So where does that leave me? Don't know. So far my e-mails and phone calls have gone unanswered and my next stop are my state legislators. I'll let y'all know as soon as I do. Oh yeaaaaahhhhh -- almost forgot; I did let them know about my "problem". So ya think they just don't wanna mess with "The German Boy" or what?
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I know that during the course of your day, some of you must be thinking to yourselves, "Wonder what the German Boy's doing right now?", right? That is what you're doing, isn't it - thinking of me? I thought so (he wrote, tongue firmly planted in cheek).

Well, I play World of Warcraft (after I do my listed chores, of course), I keep up with current events, ride my bicycle and sometimes I even make it to the gym - not as much as I'd like, but I have to go when my chauffeur, the lovely Dondra, is available and off from work.

All this work (*ahem*) makes a boy hungry, so we decided to figure out which foods are safe for me to eat. "Safe" in this instance meaning foods I can fix without burning down the house.

These include snacking foods such as pepperonis, pork rinds (I know: "yuck", right?) and string cheese among others. All stuff which needs no preparation. To wash it all down I drink cold green tea (I like Lipton in the jug).

For stuff which does need preparation, I have one of those microwave egg boilers. It looks like a big egg and inside is a tray which holds 4 eggs and which sits above a little water. I just set that big egg into the nuker for 6 minutes or so (had to experiment to see which time works best) and pretty soon I have my soft-boiled eggs.

So what about other foods? Foods which are actually good for me? Well, those are the ones the lovely Dondra prepares, but when she's working - and she works 12 hour shifts - I'm left to my own devices and again "simple is as simple does", so here come the microwave meals.

By that I mean the bags that one can just throw in there and let 'em cook - mostly veggies. I like cauliflower and broccoli - both with cheese. But for something that sticks to the ribs and gets me through the day, we found another type of microwaveable meal which is also very easy for me to fix myself and takes very little time at all. They're called Gourmet Dining, and just as the name implies, they're just like foods you'd eat at a restaurant and just as delicious - my favorite is Shrimp Alfredo.  You just take 'em out of the bag, put in a covered bowl and cook for the specified time.

Dondra and I have written a list of what meals require what amount of time and laminated it. Delicious and so easy to fix even I can do it.

So you guys can stop worrying. I'm getting my nourishment.

The "Watch What I Say" portion of today's show means just what it says. It's come to my attention that if the listener isn't careful, he may be getting false information from me, so I've told my friends and others near and dear, to always make me repeat my answers to be sure they're getting correct information.

Admittedly, this doesn't help the poor schmuck who doesn't know I'm bat-shit, but for him I've made accommodations too: I just make certain I don't encounter him as much.

I do feel bad and somewhat guilty when someone wants to ask me directions, though.


So that's it for now. I will write again before the holidays and try to find some Christmas songs to include, but for now, y'all have a great Thanksgiving holiday, and please spare a thought for the unwanted animals left by themselves on the streets and shelters. Help me feed them by clicking the link below.


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