Monday, July 15, 2013

My Life, Economically

I don't know if it's old age or this, but I find myself no longer having to have that. This includes Stephen King novels, a new set of drums (although new cymbals would be nice!), the best guitar and clothes. I was also once crazy about men's fragrances, but the last one I bought was 5 years ago and it's still full.

No, these days I could live very nicely on what income I (we) get and I still get my allowance every month from my wife, Dondra. Sometimes I use it all, sometimes I don't, but it's all I need.

Okay, before y'all say, "Bull-SHIT, Bill", a small caveat: Yes, I do like to look at guitars, and, if the price is cheap enough, I may buy one, but the last one I bought was 3 years ago: my Paul McCartney copy bass. Clothes? Well, yeah. If something wears out, I'll tell Dondra what I need and she picks it up for me, but the last time we did that was last Summer.

My allowance goes mostly for what little bills I incur: Doctor's visits, hospital procedures and meds. I download cheap books onto my Kindle from Amazon and may buy the infrequent used DVD or CD. For birthdays and such, yes, I do order from eBay or Amazon, but there are just a few people to buy for really. Immediate family mostly.

So I wrote all of that to ask you this: If you're my age (63), is this happening with you, too? Don't have to have that special Beany-Baby, or that latest smart phone or (mine is just a normal cell - no bells, no whistles), handbag anymore? Do you still collect stuff?

And another caveat: Our lives aren't the same, are they, my friends? [insert shrug here].

I hate that I can no longer manage my own finances and that I am given so little, when once I could manage a couple of thousand, but if that's the way it is (and it is - I can't make change anymore), then let it be.
Most of my adult life, people have said I am "multi-talented". Maybe, I don't know - I've just always done the things that I've always wanted to do, and not for recognition. Just because I could. Poorly maybe, but I did them.

However, always first in my life was music, and before I am or was anything else, I am or was a musician. It's the way I speak, write and sometimes - reason. Like Beethoven, my idol, I hope that this will be remembered about me: I tried my best to make people smile for a while and forget their troubles.
Not a whole lot this time, right readers?

Be that as it may, it is what is travelling through my mind, and I have always written that you will take this journey with me. I appreciate it very much.
Here once again is Markus Rill with a terrific tune accompanied by The Troublemakers! I wrote in his review I thought he'd been reading my mail. Has he been reading yours as well? His lyrics are dead on, and I can see why folks like the late Townes van Zant, Rosanne Cash and Tom Waits consider him a contemporary.

Bye for now and please remember the four-footed ones who have no home and are waiting to die due to no fault of their own.



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Margaret said...

Hi Bill,

I'm older than you are, soon turning 67, and I think of it as simplifying life. I enjoy life, but I no longer crave things. I like to buy the odd book or cd, and keep my clothes practically forever. For example, I just tried to convince a shoemaker that there must be something he can do to fix my favourite pair of 24-year-old sandals (those Germans make good shoes, unlike the cheap disposable rubbish coming out of Asia).

Lately my husband took a lot of furniture has been taken from my house(divorce not through yet), and people tell me that I'm going to need a sofa, or some armchairs, or a bedroom set etc. I don't believe them. One of these days, the mood will strike me and I'll put on some music and dance. There is so much space to do that now.

After a few days without a bed, I relented and bought a mattress/boxspring set. I still appreciate a good night's sleep.

What is most important in my life right now are the people I love, and my frustrating attempts to write. In case you're already snickering at that last bit, I write in French, not in English, thank goodness.

Take good care, Bill,
Hugs to you and Dondra.

Bill Craig said...

I love an almost-empty apartment, Margaret. A sofa, some milk crates to store books and the like, plenty of closet space and a chair or two, is all I need. And a phone and phonebook, and that's all I need. Except for a tv and stereo. That's all *I* need! I don't need *anything* else, except a plate and a fork. And this lamp. And that's all I need.

And the people I love and who love me, just like you.

Nothing to snicker at. Write when the mood hits you, "Mood" Indigo. ;)

Don't forget to be good to yourself and the rest will come.

Always here for you ---

Bill and Dondra

John said...

As I grow older, I too find that I don't 'need' stuff. I have too much already. You know how I like flying. I used to think that if I ever won the lottery, I'd have the Cessna 172 that belonged to dad, a T-34B, A Grumman-American AA-1C (or -1B), a T-28C, A couple/few different helicopters... And the list goes on. It finally occurred to me that my 'job' would be flying all day, every day. I'd never have time for anything else. I look at my camera collection. With school and work, I never have time to use them. Same with my cars and motorcycles. Same with lots of things. If I had the time, I'd sell most of my stuff.