Thursday, September 27, 2012

Suicide Due To Alzheimer's?

Don't worry. I'm not giving you a heads up, and wouldn't anyway.

No. That isn't what this entry is about.

What it is about is my wondering, "How many of us diagnosed with Alzheimer's Dementia kill ourselves because of it?"

The "short and dirty" answer is, no one knows. No one can know for sure, because depression  is so prevalent in many of the diagnosed cases. Especially with those of us diagnosed as "Young Onset Alzheimer's" patients.

Consider the following true story: A friend of mine, with whom I once worked in broadcasting, had a Grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's by her doctor, went home and promptly blew her brains out with a double barrel shotgun. How can you attribute that to Alzheimer's and be sure?

The answer is, you can't.. You can't because there's no way to blame it. Not even if one leaves a "suicide note". You can say, "Well, he or she was so depressed because of the Alzheimer's and its hopelessness, he/she decided death was the only way out", but that is all you can say, because there just isn't any way to pinpoint the cause. You can make it an adjunct, I suppose but the fact remains a decision was made and carried out.

This may be a good time to let you know that what I am writing here is opinion, okay? I did google "Suicide due to Alzheimer's Dementia Studies", and got a few morsels, but the consensus seems to be "we can't be sure." I urge you to go to the Alzheimer's website and take a look at the "10 signs", "The 7 Stages" and "The Virtual Tour of The Brain". See anything definitive there? Neither did I. No definitive figures, I mean. There's just no way to know.

There is, however, a PDF from a recent Symposium in which Kim Bell, LPC-S gives us a very nice snapshot of what can happen if the depression gets bad enough. It's for the patient and the caregiver and is a very good and informative read.

Before I close out this entry, I'll provide a caveat of sorts.

Here's the scenario: A patient arrives DOA in an Emergency room and is a known Alzheimer's Dementia patient. This can be noted in the chart and the hospital could keep a record  the results of which can be sent yearly to the Alzheimer's Association. This way, we could at least speculate.

So there you go.

Do you agree or disagree? Am I full of it? Do I need correcting? This blog is a two-way street and always has been, so your input is needed. Please don't write me a note and tell me why you don't contribute. I understand, I promise I do, and don't dislike you for it. In fact as always, I thank you for coming here and reading. It means a lot to me to write this blog, because it is one of the few ways I have left to communicate.


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Martin (Marty) Franklin Neese 8.9.1963 - 9.19.2012

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dear friend and teammate Marty Neese, who passed yesterday evening at a local hospital due to complications with his heart and lungs.

Team C2CR2C, consisting of myself, Dondra, Becky Purkiss and BillDL, will miss Marty, his enthusiasm and his love for people and animals. Each member of our cycling team played a very important part in making the two rides (our first was in 2008) a success, but we honestly could not have done it without Marty, and we spoke of this many times after the cross country rides from Texas to Georgia to benefit Humane Societies as well as the Spay, Neuter and Adopt project.

Our friend had not had an easy time of it, having lost his 9 year old son, Joshua to Muscular Dystrophy  and his daughter Brandie to Ovarian Cancer at age 28 in 2010.

Dondra and I, as well as our son Jason and daughter in law Susan and our grandson Julian considered him not only a friend and team member but a part of our family as well. Dondra was "Mom" and Jason was "Brother". Anyone who never met Marty missed out on a very unique charismatic personality. When you met Marty, you knew that this was a person you would not forget.

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday September 22, 2012 at Hope Fellowship Church here in Carrollton.

Rest in peace, Marty. God bless you and may we be forever in your debt.

Bill, Dondra, Jason, Julian and Susan Craig; Becky Purkiss and BillDL.

Friday, September 14, 2012

WOW! Another Month Whizzes By!

Sorry to have been MIA for so long, guys and ladies, but there really hasn't been a whole lot news-worthy going on with the "German Boy" of late, so we'll make this entry a compilation of sorts, okay?

So I finally had the eyelid surgery and am still recovering from that. I don't get out in public much anyway, but everyone who's seen me tells me I look like I've been "rode hard and put up wet".
I'll post some "before and after" pictures a little later.

In addition to posting to my blog, I have also begun writing about my dementia on my Facebook page. This gets news and information "out there" a little faster and gives me a chance to do some Q&A "live", as it were. If you, as a subscriber to my blog want to befriend me, find me under the name "Wilhelm Trommler" there. I've had to delete the "Bill Craig" FB account due to some hacking shenanigans, so that's the reason for the nom de plume. Those of you who know me, will be able to figure out the "joke" behind the name. This will also give us a chance to chat, which I would enjoy since I spend so much time on the computer anyway.

Recently I underwent an MRI to find out why I am having pain ("burning" and "stabbing") in both my upper thighs. What I found out to some degree changes the dynamic of my dementia in a somewhat "positive" way.

I have what is known as a "C3 Compression/Hernia" on my cervical cord. I also have pain in my shoulder and numbness in my fingers and I have no reflexes in either arm. No reflexes = Neuropathy.

This will require surgery, and it is tentatively scheduled for early January.

So you're thinking, "What's positive about this, Bill?"

This: A few of the symptoms I have heretofore attributed to my Stage IV Alzheimer's could be due to the C3 problem and may go away with the surgery. For example, my clumsiness and my gait and my periodic incontinence have become worse and more frequent of late, and although the surgery won't do anything for the dementia, it will at least remove these symptoms by reclassifying them.

Unconventional Treatments for Alzheimer's Dementia: My Ongoing Mission To Try Everything I Can Get My Hands On To See What Works

Coconut Oil

For the past week, I've been eating (or drinking, in its liquid state) 2 tablespoons of this stuff and using myself as a kind of rough "control' to see if this helps my Alzheimer's. I have tried this before, but feel that I really didn't give it a chance so I'm trying once more.

When I first found out about the coconut oil on an Alzheimer's message board, I did some research and found the following:

If you decide to try this for yourself or a loved one, be sure to buy "EXTRA VIRGIN" not
"EXTRA SLUTTY" coconut oil. :)

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