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When Panics Attack

I've had panic attacks before, but not as bad as the one I had Sunday. I was sitting in front of my computer writing some memories, some opinions, some (I hope) funny stuff when all of a sudden I began misspelling words, not only misspelling them, not making typos, but writing words, even spelled correctly that didn't make sense with the rest of what I was trying to write.

Now, some folks are likely to tell you the most recent one is the worst they have ever had, and for a lot of them it's true, because a panic attack is a very personal thing. A panic attack is like someone following you meaning to do you harm. You never know where or when it may strike, and the first thing which pops into the head of someone observing is that it must be drugs, next thing is an epileptic seizure and the third misconception is a heart attack. I don't have a cite for these statements, it's my conjecture and whether I'm right or wrong I will leave up to you, the reader.

Sometimes I…

Time To Get Your Affairs In Order.

What, all of them???? Well, okay, but I don't know where some of those chicks live anymore! *JOKE*

But really, at 62 I'm beginning to have those "Well, it's been a good life" thoughts, and I wonder if any of y'all who are my age do too? Is this the age at which one "prepares" himself for "Mr. Death"? If so, I guess I'll go quietly, but I have to admit, I have been scared to die all my life up till now. I've never thought I'd live forever, but now that I have this shitty disease, I do think about it a lot. Hopefully with a little humor.

In other news, I got this in my e-mail this morning.

As I wrote on my FB page this morning, I hate to be a Killjoy about this but having been involved as an advocate and visited our nation's Capitol and spoken with Senators and staff, I see this as a "Get 'em off our backs!&q…