Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little More Pot Pourri For Ya?

As many of you know, I'm very active in animal welfare. Not as much as I'd like to be, but I keep myself informed and contribute what I can where I can, and in keeping with that, I've found a way to help contribute funds which only requires a little time: filling out surveys.

Now, one has to be careful with this, because some of those sites are nothing but scammers and spammers, but I've found a trustworthy one and I'll tell you about it, if you'll send me an e-mail. I can't mention it in the blog because that would be advertising, and the blog isn't set up that way, sorry.

It isn't only surveys (those are the "money-makers"), it's also "paid e-mails" (which only pay 2 cents per mail), but it all adds up, and when you get to a certain amount, you ask to be sent a check, and mine goes to the Paulding County Humane Society, alternated with the Carroll County Humane Society.

So if you want to know more, send me a private message and I'll tell you about it.

As I stated above, I do stay abreast of what goes on in the animal welfare world, and as I surfed the web this afternoon, I found this picture:

I have seen some pitiable photographs of animals, but not one which hit me as hard as this one does. It relates to a petition Californians are asked to sign to be sent to their Governor Jerry Brown regarding the length of time an animal is kept before it is killed. The link is here if you're interested.

The sleeplessness continues, as does the periodic incontinence and, for the first time, some very dark thoughts about myself. Not only thought, but voiced and that's a totally new and scary thing for me to be experiencing. I'll have to explore those in a little more detail with my shrink and/or counsellor at our next meeting.

Does that surprise you? If so, why? Remember, I've said from the very beginning of writing this blog, I will share with you everything that is going on with me no punches pulled, so this is what I'm sharing with you now.

I hope no one thought that just because I try to keep things light-hearted here, that I don't have bad days. I do. Dark times, pretty mama. Dark times indeed.

But! I have my "Saving Graces"! Dondra, Julian, Jason, Susan (my son and daughter in law) and, last but not least, The Bertster (My Maine Coon kitty, brought to my apartment and left with me ostensibly for just a short time, but it turned out to be "forwever more", because we kinda just fell in love with each other).

Heeeeeere's Bertie!

So I have to try to hold on to these little graces of mine and try to remember it isn't about me, no matter how bad the days may get, and I may need y'all to remind me from time to time if I get too down in the mouth! Could ya do that for me?

One thing that helps is to always have something going - one project or another - even something so simple as writing a song or a poem. Gotta stay busy and try to remember not to wet my britches! LOL!!!!


That little guy up there? Please don't let him and his brothers and sisters go hungry, okay? Please click the icon below to feed them. It won't cost you anything and you can do it every day. I do appreciate y'all coming here and reading my drivel, but I appreciate even more your love for the four-footed ones. Always.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

12:51: Just Some Pot Pourri, Revised, With An Apology


Dear Friends,

What follows is a revised and heavily edited version of yesterday's post, and I apologize it was necessary to rewrite so much of it.

I have always prided myself that I learned to speak American English out of a dictionary; majored in English in college; and was a fairly good broadcast journalist in my day. However, what I subjected you to yesterday would have deserved an F minus!

My favorite college professor, Gerry Garmon, PhD, would have gone apoplectic had he read the previous version! So please excuse me, and I will also try my best to do better next time!



My sleeping patterns are way off the scale, now.

I am sleeping more and more often in little bitty time periods; maybe 20 minutes, then awake again, get up, mess around with my bass guitar, read a little, get sleepy again, and back to bed I go.

And that's the way it's been for about three weeks around the clock.

I do have sleep apnea, some nights worse than others, but I'm also prone to panic attacks and that mask really scares me  when I wake up in the middle of the night and it's pushing air down my gullet!

It is so scary to me, I feel as if I am smothering!

Sometimes I can handle it, sometimes not, so I guess you could call me non-compliant with the CPAP.

I really don't want to take a sleep med, so I am hoping that those little sleep intervals do me  some good anyway.

I have tried telling myself, "Hey, you don't get to sleep, you're not gonna be worth a flip at work in the mornin', dude!"

But of course then I remember I can no longer work and/or take care of my patients and then I "hear" the words to that pretty song:  "That was yesterday, and yesterday's gone". 

I really, really miss my patients, and I hope they are doing well!

So, it's up and down, up and down and try to be quiet so I don't disturb Dondra.

Speaking of the bass..... my memory used to be good enough that I woudn't even need to look at the music. I'd just practice the part over and over till I could play along with the song and no problem.

But now, I have to have the tablature on my music stand all the time so I play the correct notes. I can't trust my memory to get it right twice in a row.

It's different with my drums though. You start playin' live or put on a cd, and I'll find  that groove and we're good to go all the way to the end.

I think that had to do with the fact I played drums mostly by ear (and man, them drumsticks hurt up in there!), and you know us Germans have a natural sense of rhythm.  HA! (That was satire, my absolutely favorite literary genre!)
It occurs to me that next year is my 45th high school class reunion, so I've been in touch with a few of my classmates  whom I remember from  then and asked them what they remember about me, and a few of them have written back.

I told y'all I wanted the good and the bad, but you won't tell me anything bad I did, dammit!

So I will tell you something bad I did. I may even tell you two somethings bad I did, if I remember what it was when I get down  to that   paragraph.... HAHA!.......

Okay, one Sunday afternoon my (then) steady girlfriend and I took a ride in the country (Folks used to actually do that, did you know it???), and as it sometimes happens, a small animal darted out in front of our car and I couldn't avoid hitting it. It was, for sure, I thought, dead.

She knew my love for animals and she could not believe I didn't stop, get out and see about that little squirrel I had just murdered with my car!

She then moved over to her side of the front seat (yup, we sat really close side by side, because my little Chevy had bench seats) hugged the door, crossed her arms and sulled up on me.

No matter what I said or tried to reason it out with her, nothing worked. I knew I had screwed up royally, and I think I wound up taking her home right after that. At her request.

Looking through the ol "retrospectroscope", I realize she was right (realized it too after I got home) and I've never regretted anything more.  Hell, I've  since been known to pull over and help little turtles cross the highway! 

But as the sayin goes. "too little, too late".

I think about that day and my stupidity and I do apologize to both of you.

Did we stay together long after that?

Damifino. I have that damn CRS, don'tcha know. ;) (Y'all do know what "CRS" stands for, right? "Can't remember shit". There. I said it!

Here's "Bad Thing #2":

While in high school, I played in the marching band, played drums in our rock band "The Lighthouse Tavern", as well as one other band when the Tavern didn't have a gig: "The Watchmen".

Also, every day after school and band practice, I had a job at one of the yarn mills in Fullerville, (a little suburb of Villa Rica)  until 11 pm, after which I did my homework, cleaned a little house, read my Dad's Playboys... etc. 

All this paid for my gas, my fun with my dates, and my Dad back for buying me my first drum kit.

But it soon got to the point where I couldn't handle the pressure of having to be so many places and  under such pressure, that I began taking "No-Doz" to stay awake. One night, I had taken too many and they had to cart me off the football field and take me to the ER, where my favorite doc, Larry Boss, took care of me and gave me a "good talkin' to".

Well see?  I already had the longest hair in school (They called me "Beatle Bill" - which I hate to this day), so everyone put 2 and 2 together and decided I was a druggie. On No-Doz??? Come on, gimme a break, okay????;)

But I've changed my ways: Instead of No-Doz, I now just drink Red Bull and I've become a true-blue animal welfare advocate!

I'm sure there's more. I'll check with my brother and let you know.

Speaking of my bro, one other bad thing he says I did was, while my mom and dad were at work in the evenings, I used to make him go to bed at 4 in the afternoon. 

I didn't want him to hear my talking to my girlfriend, you see.

Not that we said anything too risque', you know.

Now, he was well-rested! :)


In spite of what you read above, I DO love the animals and I want you to as well. So please click the link below to feed them free and do it every day. Please and thanks!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Carolyn Walker Parrish: A "Go To"-"Can Do" Lady

I don't usually do tributes on this blog, but I just cannot pass this one up!

A couple of years ago, I did a bicycle ride called "C2CR2C" ("The Carrollton To Carrollton Ride To Care"), for unwanted animals in shelters, "No-Kill", and the "Spay, Neuter and Adopt", program of the Humane Society. Take a look at my website from that time and get to know Carolyn better, because she is one lady who is definitely worth knowing.

Let me tell you what she did for us: As time got closer and closer to begin the ride from Carrollton, TX back here to Carrollton, GA, my team and I were getting increasingly worried that we wouldn't have a place to spend the night at every stop unless we spent the night in our support van.

Well, up to the plate steps Carolyn, and proceeds to knock 9 home runs out of the "ballpark", by finding us hotels who were willing to support us in return for mentions and signs on the side of the van. Because Google has a policy of no ads within my blog, I can't say any more than that, except that she ROCKS.

She and her husband Mike (a fellow veteran) are retiring and preparing to travel, so I wanted to get this in before they hit the highway (so to speak).

So thank you a million times, Carolyn and Mike and may God bless you and keep you in all your travels wherever they may lead.

As Carolyn and Mike do, please don't forget the animals and click to feed!

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Thanks very much!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be My/Our Hero

There's going to come a time when you'll see less and less of me here on the blog. I'm tryin', but some days it seems like it's getting harder to pull things together, thought-wise. So while it's on my mind, I want you to do something for me: Get involved with Alzheimer's and find out what you can do to help, or what to do if you need help, for yourself or someone you care about.

Do this for them, first of all; for us, secondly, and then for yourselves. If for some reason I've meant anything to you in the past, then do it for that reason.

Don't think you know someone with Alzheimer's Disease? Bet you're wrong - or soon will be. Alzheimer's related dementia is diagnosed every 58 seconds. In early 2010 it was 70 seconds.

We all have our heroes. With me it's the fictional Batman, The Three Musketeers and King Arthur.
Now I'd like to add one more set of real-life heroes: you guys.

You start by contacting the Alzheimer's Association at www.alz.org and educating yourself and then contact your local chapter. The one I work out of is in Atlanta.

I'm doing my best to make a difference, but pretty soon (I think), I'll have to pass the ball on to you.

Hope you'll be there to catch it.

From the poetry corner of J. Andrew Haknort (1907-1975)


I was eaten by a tiger
In his stomach I was cooped
I got out only yesterday
And I was really pooped

Be their hero too, okay? Just click to feed!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Memoirs: A Work In Progress

As I wrote before, I m writing my memoirs backward, although when they're finally done, they'll read forward as they should.

At the present time (and without giving away too much yet), I am asking some classmates from my American hometown what they remember about me. I hope they will write back, since I really need to know what they thought about an 11 year-old just arrived from Germany who didn't speak English worth a damn. So far, I've had one person to reply, and she has had some very interesting things to say about me.

All the classmates who respond either positively or negatively, have my guarantee of anonymity, but all of it will be written down and published in some kind of way. Probably as cheaply as possible and just for the family and/or whoever else expresses an interest.

I wish Robert A. Heinlein hadn't already used "A Stranger In A Strange Land", because that would have made an excellent title. So back to the drawing board for that part of it.

I have already decided to use my journalism background and not let animosity slip through, because although those things did happen, and not all of them were good things, I don't mean to embarrass anyone, especially because they may have grown up differently from the way I remember them. Besides, what good will that do anyone. I will try to keep everything I write in 3rd person as far as they are concerned, and no "fake names" will be used.

So if you happen to be a classmate of mine whom I have not yet contacted, please write me and tell me some stuff.

That's it on a rainy day in Georgia! See you soon with another blog entry!

In closing, I tried to find an appropriate tune for this entry, and this is the one I came up with, and I am hoping it's meaningful to at least some of you.


Please don't forget to click and feed a homeless, hungry and cold animal. It doesn't cost a thing to click to feed, and thanks!
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