Friday, December 23, 2011

What Should I Wish For You This Season?

One sees so many argumentative discussions regarding all the traditional greetings this time of year, doesn't one? So I gave it some....errr.... thought and decided I would just wish all of you, no matter who or where you are: Peace....

And to go with my wish, I'll share with you a few selections of music which I find most restful. They're not necessarily considered "Christmas" music, but I hope you enjoy listening and get some comfort from them:

And last but not least, my personal favorite composer: The Maestro!!!

Thanks for remembering the animals, unwanted and hungry, with numbered days, and if you can, why not "opt to adopt" a companion from your shelter? I promise you'll get more love, devotion and fun than from any XBox, box of candy, or diamond, no matter how large.

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So at 5:23 am, from Carrollton, Georgia on the day before Christmas Eve, we wish for you a restful and peaceful weekend!

Bill and Dondra

Monday, December 19, 2011

Me And "Top Cat" ( My Grandson, Julian)

I call him that, because as some of you may remember, Top Cat (the cartoon) was really cool, which made him the leader of his gang of alley cats.

Well, Julian isn't only cool, he's very intelligent (hooked up our new wii) and a very polite young man for his age (11). I believe he gets this by going to church every Sunday and participating in all the youth activities there, and that's just fine with his ol "Opa" (me).

We did have one serious discussion, a couple of days ago (he's here with us spending a portion of his holiday break): "How's the bullying in your school, kiddo?, I asked him.

"What bullying?", he replied, and that made me happy because it leaves him free to study (he makes A's and B's only) plus participate in his soccer (he's got one trophy under his belt already!) without any outside interference.

He's also very diligently studying the drum lessons I gave him to learn, and he's in there right now pounding on his Opa's drum kit. Nothing spectacular yet, (paradiddles only), but if he puts his mind to drumming as he does everything else, he'll have it down in no time.

In many ways, he's my saving grace, because when he's here with me, I seem to brighten up, get away from this thing, and spend time with him outside and watch him skateboard.

He is also my "ersatz" German Christmas this year. As I wrote before, one of my favorite things to do at Christmas is to go home to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, my hometown, and spend the holidays there. Unfortunately, we can't do that this year, due to economics, but if I can hold out, I would dearly love to take him with me and let him see where I grew up and meet his cousins and my friends.

Maybe next year.

So... whatcha got planned for New Year's Eve? I imagine Dondra and I will be staying home and sharing a bit o' the Nog and Rum together, and see the New Year in with a hug and kiss. That's also my birthday, so we'll have dual reasons to celebrate.

Hang in there if this isn't your favorite time of year, and if you need to, send me a note and let's hook up and talk our way through it, okay?
Here's a household tip for ya': "When using a plunger on a clogged toilet, remember to keep your mouth shut." Andrew Haknort, 1907-1975
Here's one of my favorite classical trumpet works, "Hora Staccato" by Grigorus Dinico, here performed by a young Chekoslovakian musician. This is a very difficult piece of music, not only for the performer, but also the accompanying musicians.



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Thanks and Merry Christmas,


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Incontinent? Moi?????

Yup, me. As much as it pains me to say it to you here, after about a month of barely making it to the bathroom, I have now begun to dribble (No, not as in basketball, smarties!).

Is my brain "getting the message" too late? This may be the case, according to my research. It could also be due to my neck/cervical problem which has now developed a numb spot in the back of my head. This, as my doctor told me, is one of the attendant effects of the arhtritic problem which they've wanted to fix for a couple of months now, but which I have had to  delay, due to Dondra's health and her inablity to have the same surgery because of her pulmonary hypertension and arrythmias.

I wonder if they make Speedo Depends?

Gotta run for now.

Thanks for remembering the animals!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Friend Marty......

....... isn't doing too well these days . As a matter of fact, he's in very poor health indeed, involving his heart and lungs, and he sure could use your thoughts and prayers.

If you followed my last bicycle ride for animal welfare, you may remember Marty Neese being a member of my crew, keeping my bike mechanically sound, navigating the way for me, and keeping me focused. He truly is a special person and deserving of all the good vibes he can get. Unfortunately he's not on the net (can't afford the monthly charge), so if you have a message for him, send it here in the comments and I'll print it out and take it to him.

About Marty: He is mine and Dondra's "Second Son" and our son Jason's "Brother".

Jason is with him as I write this, and today Marty had a cardiac catheterization, and what they found is very bad news.

He has a 10% ejection fraction, which means his ventricles are only functioning at 10% of their capacity. Very bad news for the lungs (he smokes 3 packs a day) and, of course, the heart. Dondra tells me 60% is normal and 25% is life-threatening.

He'll be sent home with a "Life Vest", a contraption which will shock his heart out of ventricular fibrillation (what happens just before full arrest), and some drugs which will hopefully bring his heart strength back into functioning as normally as possible.

To read more about Marty and the tragedies he's already faced in his young life, go to . Please pray for him, send him "good vibes and thoughts", meditate or whatever else you may do. to give him strength.

Thanks from all of us, Bill, Dondra, Jason. C2CR2C Team Members and dear friends, Becky and BillDL, and of course, our Marty.

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