Saturday, October 15, 2011


We're home! Walked in the door last night at about 9:30 and shortly thereafter our home oxygen guy came to set Dondra up with her tanks and concentrator. I hate that my otherwise so active wife has been brought down by these stupid happenings, but I'm making it my project to get her back on her feet and, as soon as she's able, taking her with me to the track so she can walk and build her strength again.

Funny story: Before we left, as D was getting dressed, and I had already taken some stuff down to the car, I came upon her nurse giving report to another nurse outside her door.

"She's doing so much better", she told her, "and will be going home within the hour and thank God she's taking that asshole husband of hers with her!"

I walked smiling past them into D's room, and I know she knew I'd heard her.
But I don't mind being thought an asshole as long as I know I did the best I could to watch over my wife. They'll meet many more assholes worse than me, I think!

I got her up for a little while earlier today, but she gave out on me about 10 minutes later, so I'm letting her rest and will try again later today to walk her around a little.

Because she is still in a lot of pain from the surgery, we're asking our friends to give us the weekend to let her rest and get re-acclimated to being home. We appreciate all the calls, visits and well-wishes, but lets let her relax a couple of days.

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Bill and Dondra

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Bill Craig said...

Thank you, Becks, and please thank BillDL too, from both of us. She's resting comfortably at the moment, still in a lot of pain, but we both are looking forward to the call from our very dear friend.

I have to say again, that you and BillDL are such fantastic people to be friends with folks you have never laid eyes on, and we know to appreciate how special that is.

Both of us only wish we could meet the both of YOU one day! That would be an awesome happy time.

Your friends always,

Bill and Dondra Craig