Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Days It's Tough To Get A Grip or "The Order of Things"

....... such as washing clothes.

1. Water
2. Bleach/Detergent
3. Let mix
4. Clothes

NOT Clothes, bleach and water.

I know this!

After being divorced for over 20 years and having to wash my own things I had done it correctly numerous times. But last Friday I didn't and ruined a pair of Dondra's favorite capri jeans and top.

She was good about it, but I was devastated, so I did an online search on those jeans and that size and we found them at Kohl's. That made me feel much better, but it's still another something I'm doing wrong and it's going on the list.

It's why I also have a list in my bathroom which has the correct order of daily cleaning my nasty body.

It's why D has a list for me on how to use the (gas) stove/oven while she's at work and I want to warm up some food. I also have trouble with the microwave (again a "which order is it in" thing), and I love when I have to eat burned popcorn because I forget it's in there!

Lord, I'm a mess! :-)

In her excellent book Living Your Best with early-stage Alzheimer's, Lisa Snyder, MSW, LCSW quotes patient Lou Howe as saying, "I know I would be better off by just letting other people do the things that I don't do well any more, but something in me says, 'Hang in there and keep on working with what I have left'", and I've decided this is very good advice.

I highly recommend her book if you're a caregiver or a patient. It is full of very good advice and tools for day to day living with EOAD.

Just as a quick update, Today Has Been A "Benchmark" Day For Me. Here is how it's going so far:

1. Fumbling for words (D has learned to recognize when I make a circular motion with my right hand, I'm asking for help, so she does) more often that usual.

2. Forgetting my phone number. I tried to report an apparent drunk driver today and couldn't think of the correct phone exchange. Dondra helped again. This time rolling her eyes at me. I notice this, but try not to say anything.

3. Misjudging distance. I'm used to a small ramp in moving the grocery cart toward the car. This time I stepped off a raised "sidewalk" and nearly twisted my ankle.

4. Forgetting the groceries in the car. 15 minutes after we went in the house, D, wanting to put them away asked where they were.

5. Left the outside door open. In this heat.

Okay enough whining. I'm dealin' with it, even though this is the worst day for this crap I have had in recent memory.

Sometimes I like to share with y'all some music, which, although it may or may not be appropriate to the title of the blog, it is unique in its musicianship, so here's a couple. The first is the late Roy Buchanan, one of my favorite quitarists with an old Tyrone Davis tune. Sorry there's no video of him playing it, but I hope you enjoy it just the same:

Before I saw her on tv a few nights ago, I had never heard of Adele and this song (not her first hit) just floored me. What a voice and what lyrics!

And I'm also enclosing a song by my new favorite German group "Three Bottles of Wine". This isn't a video, but a beautiful tune just the same. They are my new project (I have to have something to do all the time, or I'll go even further batshit than I already am!) and I am hoping to bring them to Atlanta in the near future. Your comments are appreciated.

As always, please remember the furbabies and click to feed and care for them and remember to do it daily. here's the link:

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks, y'all



Beth said...

Hey Bill-mah-darlin'
Been a few since I commented, so I've been playing catch up. I probably will send you a long email soonest. (commented on your thread on SD too.) Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know i was thinking about ya & I miss talking to you .. I wish i could have last night, I was feeling rather azure. (I will 'splain in the aforementioned email.)
LOve and other indoor sports,
PS My love to D!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethie (It's me - this is the only way I can post a comment)

Thanks for writing and I'm sorry you're in "mood indigo" and I hope things are better. I will pass your message on to D (or, as I teasingly call her: "Rembrandt" ;) who has begun painting and sketching again.

Love & Peace

Bill and Dondra