Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Out

I'm going to see if I "still have it" as a journalist, and spend the next month and a half compiling some information and doing some interviews with others like me who have "Younger Onset Alzheimer's Dementia".

I hope that when it is all done, I'll have something more than the usual facts and figures and the requests for funding from the congress-people we will be seeing in May. See, I don't want to just lobby them. I want to bring this whole thing "home" on a personal basis. Hence the reason for the interviews, which, if I cannot do them live, can be done over the phone or in e-mail.

So this blog has a message and a favor:

1. Message: I won't be updating the blog unless something earth-shattering happens, so I'm taking some "time out" until after the Forum.

2. Favor: If you have someone in your family with Younger Onset, who would be willing to communicate with me, leave me a note in comments and I'll be back in touch.

The Alzheimer's Assocation has a very good definition of what "Younger Onset" is and who it affects, and the link to it is embedded in the title of this blog entry.

So, while I'm on a "working hiatus", please don't forget to click to feed the animals:

The Animal Rescue Site

And here's something from our past which may bring a smile and explains how our congress works:

Thanks and see ya!



Bill Craig said...

Note to "Kathy Lagoli". Apparently you're a fake. I did a search on your name after I amswered your e-mail and it looks like you are a part of the infamous "Nigerian Scam". You people have no shame whatsoever, do ya?

Forget it!


Anonymous said...

Hi darlin, looks like you are going to be busy preparing for your trip to Washington. I'm so excited for you and Dondra.

I hope you get some good responses for your requests for interviews for early onset.

I suppose my mom would be considered early onset as we started to notice things in her late 50's, but of course she can't answer any questions at this point, but if I can be of any help, please let me know.

And what's this about Kathy Lagoli? Was she hitting on you? Same thing happened to a guy DEB works with and eventually asked for money. We'll talk about that sometime.

Hope you and Dondra are doing well.

Talk to ya soon, love you both, Becky

Bill Craig said...

Hey Becks!

Thanks for the good wishes.

So far, I've only "heard" from this "Kathy Lagoli" who wrote an e-mail in which "she" asked "Are you available to discuss this on the phone?" and later, "Haven't heard back from you. Are you still in business?"

Here's more on this scam:

So "she" almost put one over on the "German Boy".

Not long after that, I got another e-mail from someone telling me she was interested and how much do I charge?

$5,000.00 an hour.


Phishing, spam, these people must have a special place reserved for them in hell.

Thanks and tell DEB hello for me.


Ted Van said...

I was working in a local hospital (about ten years) when I began to have memory issues (my mother and sister both had this disease)not to mention my maternal grandfather, and two uncles.

When I began to make errors (I was a computer analyst)the director of human resources called me to her office where she fired me for lagging performance (no previous issues were communicated to me). In fact, I was escorted out of the building by two security staff members. When my wife went to explain the Alzheimer's factor, they said that this was a performance issue and not a disease.

If you are interested, I will be glad to communicate with you . . .


Bill Craig said...

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the note and I will definitely be in touch! This is exactly the kind of situation we are all facing.