Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Weeks From Today.....

.... I'll set out on the road from Texas back here to Georgia for "The Carrollton to Carrollton Ride to Care", which, as y'all know is a ride to benefit animal rights and welfare.

A click on the title line will take you to the website crafted with loving care by my friends BillDL of Scotland and Becks from California.

Someone once said that one of the most precious gifts one person can give another is time, and the time my 2 friends have devoted to my ride has been precious indeed. Tanks you two,once again.

Whenever I tell someone the distance I will cover each day, their eyes get big, but when you think about it, that 75 miles will go quickly enough, because when I'm on my bicycle, I'm in a whole different world with no intrusions on my thoughts (unless one considers the cars and 18 wheelers which come blowing by me!).

Yes, of course those hills are sometimes tough to conquer, but there's always the downhill part, which I look forward to the most.

Not a lot to say in this entry, so I'll share a couple of nice songs with you. One you'll probably never have heard of and the other one - well - depends on how old you are!


I subscribe to Mr. Ferguson's music. He goes by "The bard of Cornwall", This is one of my favorite and most thought-provoking Beatles' tunes.....


Another Mom and Dad song - in the middle of it they did the Rumba. The old man sure could dance:

The Animal Rescue Site

Before I close, allow me to remind you of the multi-media page of the C2C site. This is where you can go, click and hear my voice describing ride as it is happening, though not in "real-time". You may want to try it out with the samples provided, just so you'll know which platform to use.



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