Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Weeks From Today.....

.... I'll set out on the road from Texas back here to Georgia for "The Carrollton to Carrollton Ride to Care", which, as y'all know is a ride to benefit animal rights and welfare.

A click on the title line will take you to the website crafted with loving care by my friends BillDL of Scotland and Becks from California.

Someone once said that one of the most precious gifts one person can give another is time, and the time my 2 friends have devoted to my ride has been precious indeed. Tanks you two,once again.

Whenever I tell someone the distance I will cover each day, their eyes get big, but when you think about it, that 75 miles will go quickly enough, because when I'm on my bicycle, I'm in a whole different world with no intrusions on my thoughts (unless one considers the cars and 18 wheelers which come blowing by me!).

Yes, of course those hills are sometimes tough to conquer, but there's always the downhill part, which I look forward to the most.

Not a lot to say in this entry, so I'll share a couple of nice songs with you. One you'll probably never have heard of and the other one - well - depends on how old you are!


I subscribe to Mr. Ferguson's music. He goes by "The bard of Cornwall", This is one of my favorite and most thought-provoking Beatles' tunes.....


Another Mom and Dad song - in the middle of it they did the Rumba. The old man sure could dance:

The Animal Rescue Site

Before I close, allow me to remind you of the multi-media page of the C2C site. This is where you can go, click and hear my voice describing ride as it is happening, though not in "real-time". You may want to try it out with the samples provided, just so you'll know which platform to use.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stage Fright, ME?????

Yes, me.

Me who used to be in radio, played in a hundred rock groups, acted onstage and was Mr. Cool and "Swayve" with his patients....... has stage fright.

As preparations slowly wind down and the days of my ride begin to loom closer, the publicity for C2C R2C is beginning to intensify and in a little better than 8 hours I'll be interviewed about why I'm going to ride my bicycle 800 miles in the blazing hot sun.

The program is called "Animal Wise Radio" ( and concerns itself with animal welfare and "No Kill Nation" as well as spay, neuter and adopt.

It's on from 2:15pm till 2:30 pm EDT at the above link if you'd like to listen in at the above link. It's also going to be archived and the website is very easily navigated, so finding the "archive" button won't be very hard at all, as it is right on the front page.

I'd also appreciate your visiting the C2C R2C website at . Take a look at BillDL's web-wizardry (he's constantly working and improving!) and please sign my guestbook if you have time.

The Animal Rescue Site



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Don't You Remember?"

I hear that on the average of 10 times a week these days, and it's not her fault, it's just a natural thing, and I do forget a lot of things - sometimes only 3 minutes after I am told them.

I do it so much that I have begun compensating for this as well.

For instance, one might hear me ask, "When, who, what, where....... did you say (example) is, was, etc."

Well, she may have said it, or I may have imagined it, but either way, it avoids the "don't you remember" phrase.

In other news:

Here we are less than a month until the Ride To Care ( and we are in last minute aggravation stage, meaning that one of two of our sponsors may not come through for us.

This means, of course, a lot of time spend on the phone or online by yours truly, many sleepless nights and hardly any time to train decently, but we'll make it. I have two very good friends who are there for me come rain or shine: BillDL and Becks and they won't let me get "down in the dumps".

So, back to remembering. Do you have trouble remembering stuff? do you have trouble remembering stuff 5-6 times a day, and do you sometimes not want to talk to anyone at all for fear of being looked at like you're from Mars because you should already know what you're asking about?

Strangely enough, (or not strangely at all) I* don't have any trouble remembering anniversaries.

Today would have been my Mom's 82nd birthday, for example and I have another important anniversary coming up the 18th of this month.

Funny how the brain works, isn't it?

In keeping with the "remembrance" theme.......

And just so you don't forget me and the Ride to Care......

That's just BillDL having a little fun with the pics shot earlier this month! To see the originals, go to the website ( and please don't forget to sign the guestbook! It would mean a lot to me!

Also remember to click to feed......

The Animal Rescue Site



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Haven't Forgotten Y'all!


Just checkin' in to let you know all is well - now.

Dondra had a very close call with death a couple of weeks ago when one of her intestines perforated and fluid leaked into her abdomen.

I took her to ER and they quickly shipped her to Altanta Medical Center where 5 years ago she'd had a gastric bypass.

What happened was she developed gout and her primary care physician put her on an inflammatory medication - a huge no-no for anyone who's had that kind of surgery.

Luckily the surgeon who did the bypass was on that day and, after making 5 laprascopic incisions, managed to get the intestine repaired.

Wednesday I took her back to her doc and he removed the drain and she continues to recuperate and promises to be ready to navigate the C2C ride next month. Meantime, guess who's "Mr. Mom"?

Yup, the time is getting closer and if you haven't already, please go to the website ( and write something in the guestbook to cheer me on - I'd appreciate it. You can also keep up with me on the ride itself by choosing the multi-media page and clicking on the second icon and then clicking on whatever you use to hear stuff on your computer. You will hear me talking to you and reporting how the ride is going/went on anty particular day - maybe even from atop the bicycle!

Here's one of the rides "signature tunes". It's the theme from the tv show "King of The Hill". Enjoy and remember to clock to feed the critters!



The Animal Rescue Site