Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

A couple of days early, I know, but I wanted to go ahead and post this entry lest I forget.

You know, in the 17 years I worked at my hospital, not one Veteran's Holiday did my previous employer even acknowledge there were any veterans employed there. To my knowledge they still do not.

This needs to stop. We're in the process of fighting a war in two countries. Over 1,000 of our young have been killed so far, our veteran's benefit program is a shambles, hospitals badly need modernizing and renovating and there's no end in sight.

As you travel this Memorial Day weekend, and you see the flags out on the streets, highways and medians or as you display your own flags, please remember not only YOUR loved ones but those who may be standing on the side of the road or sitting on street corners holding up "Homeless, Need Work" signs.

When they gave of themselves, they didn't ask "What's in it for me?", they just did it, gave their all, and as the song goes, "Some GAVE All".

I think this is what may have driven them:

And not only humans can be veterans. We have military dogs serving in Iraq as we speak and one, Fluffy, was retired in 2003 with his handler under very special circumstances, and I urge you to read his story by clicking the title link above. It WILL move you, so be forewarned!

Fluffy, if he could, would remind you to feed his brother and sister 4-footers by clicking here
The Animal Rescue Site
, and he wishes you and yours a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Ain't Sayin' Shit One Way Or The Other, But.....

...... every now and then I wake up and feel a little gray matter has trickled out onto my pillow and I know my friend Johnny L.A. from the Straight Dope has been in there, trepanning again.

Lord knows what he expects to find in that poor slab of organ I call a brain, but here's what he said he found this time:

That first part kinda sounds like Jaimie Brockett singing about the USS Titanic, only a lot funnier, but the last part, I swear he made up. Or it came from a Python picture.

Sure didn't come from MY brain.

It's still on tunnels and donuts!


Thanks for the laughs when I need 'em the most.



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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks, Suzette!

My friend and dementia counsellor Suzette recently wrote a very informative (and flattering) article about the "German Boy" and his upcoming bike ride, and you may see it by clicking the title of this entry.

I am very appreciative of her and the GA chapter of the Alzheimer's Association for supporting me, and my ride is dedicated to them, Alzheimer patients and their caregivers as well as the four-footers.

Incidentally, D and I were finally able to attend this month's Forget Me Not luncheon (for Alzheimer's patients and their care givers) at South of La Paz Mexican restaurant in Atlanta and I'd like to thank my friend for making this possible. Really, Suzette's so sweet she makes ya wanna roll over and do all kinds of doggy tricks for her! I kid, of course, but I don't think I have ever met a more charismatic person in my life.

It was also a pleasure to meet and converse with Kathy Simpson who also works with the Georgia chapter. Kathy and I have e-mailed in the past and her job is to keep our politicians (and us) informed about this awful disease and the laws affecting it and ones proposed to help us find a cure. Thanks for laughing at my corny jokes, Kathy.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend coming up and please remember to click to feed!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gettin' It Done Like A Man On The Run!


Got lots of stuff to do before the 2010 ride to care. I have my hands full getting fuel costs and accomodations for my van and my crew, so may I ask y'all to please link to our site at

We not only need your pennies and dimes, I also need the moral support.

Please help the "German Boy" do this thing, if you can.

I "preesh"!

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and here's your oldie and no dancing, clapping or foot stomping allowed! I mean it this time, dammit! :-)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Been A Week, And It's Only Half Over!

Went to see my main doc today, Dr. Battle, and he ROCKS!

Knew I had no insurance and allowed me to pay a very low fee for my visit. And wrote my scrips for Lasix, Allopurinal and Darvocet, which I use when I need it.

I asked him to please not order any bloodwork, because we cannot afford it, so he didn't.

I told him this was the last time I would see him, because I could not afford the visits, the labwork, nor the meds he prescribes: Azor being the most expensive.

I will run out of the Lamiktal at the end of next week, so I am trying to "wean" myself down right now.

The Wellbutrin will last another week and a half, but I have to see the shrink to get refills, but because the COBRA ran out, I owe him $140.00 instead of the usual co-pay of $30.00.

Yes my dear Becks, the cheap clinic is already in the works, as is my request to hurry up my SSDI and the meds I can get free or for very little money.

Sucks to be me, Ah reckon!

But PLEASE don't forget the 4-footers!

It's MUCH worse for them than it is for us!

The Animal Rescue Site

And here's a little tune for clicking the above....... THANK YOU!!v=1wHHkrcr0eI



Friday, May 7, 2010

Owwwwie! I Have Pinkeye!

I get this crap about once every 3 months, and if you've ever had it, you know what it feels like: hardly any tears on your conjunctiva (sounds kinda obscene, that, doesn't it? Like being in bed with 2 Latino girls who sing?) and you feel (or I do) sleepy all the time. Plus it itches and you're contagious, so if you mess up, rub your eyes and then shake hands with someone, you'd better tell 'em to go wash their hands or they're likely to get it, and like Herpes ("cold sores", yeah, right - gimme a break here, dude! You been "eatin' at the "Y" again!) they ain't gonna be your bestest friend for a while!

When I worked in the ER, if you had it, they wanted you to stay home. Period. No being a "hero", keep your ass at home.

For that reason (because the screen is hurting my eyes), I'm gonna keep it short and sweet this time, wish all you muthas (it's a joke, okay?) a very happy Mother's Day Sunday, and ask you, as I always do, not to forget the 4-footers, because they have Mommies too, right?

The Animal Rescue Site

Also please support, my upcoming ride for the animals. I sure would appreciate it, and especially if you'd link to us, thanks!

And have we done my favorite commercial yet? If so, here's a "rerun":

And how about a jazz "blast from the past"? Turn it up a little....


Stinky McStinkface :)