Friday, April 30, 2010

Have A Great Weekend And Please Visit!

It's a great-looking site and is located here:

As Becks wrote, please visit us, link to us and support us any way you can, thanks!

Remember also that there's a contact form there where you can write and ask us questions.

The animals, please? Thanks.

Stress relief here:



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So How's Everyone?

Doing well, I hope?

As for me, nothing much has changed except I'm spending a lot of time on the bicycle training for C2CR2C coming up in September. Our website can be accessed at and will give y'all a little of an idea what it's all about. This is a temporary website put together for us by my good friend Bill Dalziel who lives in Scotland. It's been heartening to have him contribute so much time and effort for someone he hasn't even met and for such a worthy cause. Bill DZL is also co-administrator of this blog, by the way.

Still nothing from SSDI and I'm going on the assumption that it will be a long time or even never before I get an answer that they've approved my disability.

It's also why I've started back working a little - not in an ER environment and not very often. This is basically for an agency which supplies respiratory therapists for hospitals who find themselves short-staffed.

Before you write back that working even a little is hurting my SSDI case, please don't. I've heard it all before - from friends, from my lawyers and other folks who already have SSDI. I'm just not going to sit idly by anymore and watch as my wife shoulders the financial burden for both of us.

Insurance is gone (I think I mentioned this before in another entry), but my friend Becks (whom I also have never met) found me a clinic that sees patients who don't have insurance for very little money. Of course there was the requisite paperwork to fill out as well as proof of income, taxes, expenses, etc., but that has now been completed and luckily I have enough meds to do me for another month so before they run out. I'll be making an appointment. Thanks for looking out for me, Becky.

As I wrote earlier, it's so great to have friends, even long distance, who care about me!

In other news, I recently attended a seminar regarding making all animal shelters in the USA "no kill" shelters - meaning no more euthanizations. Many shelters in America are already no kill, including the one in Carrollton TX where I'll be beginning my bicycle ride in September. If you have an interest in animals and their welfare, I urge you to visit and eductae yourself and others as to the philosophy and strategy on how this may be accomplished.

That's it for now from Carrollton, Georgia. Thanks for hanging in there with me and please don't forget to click to feed!

The Animal Rescue Site