Thursday, December 3, 2009

"You Are NOT Alone!"

And if, like me, you have "trouble" with the holidays, you don't have to be alone, you can be with me!

Virtually, that is. The Internet. A private chat, just us. Lotsa jabberin'. Come on in and "set" a spell.

What I'd like to do is create a temporary chat room for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for those of us who get the blues at Christmas.

See, I'm one of those people too, and you'd be helping me by giving me something to do and somebody to do it with! (minds outta the gutter chirrun!:))

A lot of what could happen depends on y'all wanting to do this and how MANY of you want to do this. It wouldn't be a voice chat, unless y'all want it to be, so it would be just us, but that too is open to discussion and change.

I just need for y'all to leave me a yea or nay in the comments, because there's no use me sitting here waiting for someone to come online when I could be working on something else.

We'll set up a time via a vote from y'all when we'll best be available, and we can just jabber our little butts off as long as you want.

How does 9pm - 12 am Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sound? We can chat on google talk. Send me an e-mail address to and I'll send you an invite.

Again. If this doesn't work for any of you, tell me, okay?

I told y'all I wasn't gonna beat you upside the head with Christmas music, but I didn't say anything about not celebrating the Winter Solstice.

This one is on one of my Wyndham Hill Winter Solstice cd's.

It's called Flute Sonata in E minor, 3rd Movement, and it was written for flute and harpsichord by Georg Frideric Handel in the 1700's although some folks say its origin is dubious and some have even attributed the work to one of the Bach boys. They weren't homies, but they were contemporaries.

Be that as it may, it's a wonderful way to spend a winter evening wrapped up in a throw in front of a fireplace, or just pretending you're doin' that while leaned back in your La-Z-Boy or lying on the sofa with a cuppa hot tea or coffee nearby!

The Animal Rescue Site

Please also remember to take a bag of food, some old towels, newspapers, etc. to your local shelter if you can.

Yes, I know it's gonna be hard to tear yourself away from all those little ones, but you can do it. (If you can't, well then, congratulations on finding yourself a new little friend!)




Margaret said...

At home, we're going to be opening the season by a big family dinner party (mostly my husband's family, but my son and his wife may come)on December 19th. This year, we've decided we're only giving gifts to the grandchildren, so a lot of pressure is off.

I'll be getting together with a German friend of mine to make gingerbread houses- the real deal, not from boxes. We've make one each 2 years ago and decorated both with 100 dollars' worth of the real German candies she remembered from her childhood.

The kids just loved them.

Between clean-up on the 20th and the 26th, we might be pretty much free, but there is a slight possibility that my son will come over on Christmas Eve.

On the 26th, my brother and his wife are flying in from Edmonton. We might be heading with them down east on the 28th to spend a couple of days with 4 of my sisters, two brothers, and everyone's spouses and children.

I have 30 nieces and nephews, so the holidays keep us pretty busy.
One of my nieces is expecting a baby late Feb/early March and I'm looking forward to seeing her and her fiance. One of my nephews had a tour in Afghanistan and will be home for the holidays, he's in the Army Corps of Engineers, and we're all looking forward to seeing him and just hugging him to death. He's a sweetie.

I just finished preparing booklets of Christmas songs that we so we can have a singalong. There'll be lots of food and games and stories. The thought of seeing them makes me happy. I've been singing Christmas carols to myself all day today.

If I get a chance, I'll drop by, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.

David, thanks for all the clips you put up, they're lots of fun. I'm really looking forward to that podcast.

I realize that I'm lucky to have all of those people I love, and most of all my fake-grumpy husband who's now telling me I should be in bed. He's right.

Hugs to D and Bill,


Larry said...

I love to click on the animal rescue ads. On 12/17, I'm hosting my own surprise 50th birthday party at a nearby restaurant that's going to donat5 15% of all the food and drink proceeds from all the attendees to a charity of my choice. My choice is a local rescue animal shelter, I'm encouraging everyone to arrive hungry and thirsty!