Saturday, December 12, 2009

Podcast Update And Other Stuff

I am having some issues with volume on my microphone, so please stand by.

I have a bunch of stuff written which I want to share with you, but we may be going to another blog adress very soon.

google, as y'all know, has taken away the moneys meant for AD Research and Paulding Humane Society.

I am being told it's because of my WARNING that the content here is only meant for adults, but I think that's a bunch of BULLSHIT!

NO ONE advised me that I needed not to include advertisers for y'all to click on!


But I did get a response on the google forum and she told me all was okay. Y'all saw that, right?

Then I got another response telling me it wasn't okay!


This was to be my Christmas Present (small though it may have been) to Alzheimer's Research and the Unwanted Pets!!!!!

God, I'm wore out. Totally.

Please click to feed 'em!

So many of them get "turned in" daily, and so many of them have an "expiration date"!

The Animal Rescue Site




Anonymous said...

Dear darlin DAB, glad to see your post this mornin, although I can hear and feel your disappointment with the google people and what they did. Seems like a low cheap shot especially that they won't at least pay what you already earned. Terrible, just terrible. Heartless buggers.

Always seems like one bad thing after another hitting these days, but I know you are strong and determined to keep going and you will find a way to keep helping, that's your nature and who you are. That's one of the things that drew me to you in the first place, a kind heart.

I will keep clicking to feed the critters, hopefully they can't take that away.

Please TRY to keep moving forward as best you can.

Love you both, Becks

Margaret said...

Been clicking for the kitties and I even ordered a "pawprint" hoodie on their site.

I think we need more Paulingites.

Bill, don't let that Google stuff get you down. They've become too big to care about people and, mark my words, that will bring about their decline.

Hugs to you and D,


Bill Craig said...

Thank you both. I'll figure something else out.