Sunday, October 4, 2009

"HAIR" Today, And HERE Tomorrow!

This evening, couretsy of my niece Lisa, one of the stage managers at 7 Stages Theatre in Little Five Points (a "hip" suburb of Atlanta), D and I were treated to a live performance of the musical "Hair".

It was special because this is the first real night out together we have had since we got re-married, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I didn't know how D would react to the nude scene (it was her first time seeing it performed live), but she handled it well. (I must be "corrupting" her a little). When the actors removed their clothing, it was done very tastefully. Not one of them cracked a smile or flaunted anything, and if you're familiar with what takes place within the play itself, that was not a time for frivolity.

At the end ("Let The Sunshine In") everyone in the audience was invited on stage to dance with the actors, but because my leg is still in this damn "space boot", I had trouble even navigating the stairs to get to and from our seats, so I opted not to join them.

The play itself made me nostalgic, but watching the band, I realized how much I miss playing my drums. The drummer's parts were mostly rhythms I played in the 60's, 70's and 80's and I could easily imagine myself playing with that band!

On to other things....

I have an appointment with 2 Social Security Docs - one an MD and the other a psychiatrist on the 15th and 16th respectively. Since it's on Soc Sec's "dime", AND since they require it, I guess I better go!

Note to Becks: Saw you joined us "Dopers". WELCOME! We're the biggest dysfunctional "family" in the world!

This is a picture of Suzette's (my dementia counsellor) Bill. Yes, Virginia, she has one too. Didn't y'all know that all next door neighbors, ex-husbands, bartenders and uncles are named "Bill"? I don't know if her Bill IS any of those, but here he is with Murphy and Friend at last years "Memory Walk" for Alzheimer's Research. All three would like you to remember to sponsor a walk team and also to click and feed the animals as well as vote for Paulding Humane in The Shelter Challenge!

The Animal Rescue Site

This is from "Hair". It's called 3-5-0-0, and it's about the Viet Nam "War", but it could also be about the one in Iraq and Afghanistan. They're all "Dirty Little Wars"!



Oh, my God, OMG! OH. MY. GOD!

My D isn't as "prim and proper" as I thought!

She must have watched the nude scene VERY closely, because she just now told me that that guy who played "Berger" was....... "well-endowed".

She ain't never told ME that. :(


peacesojourner said...

Thanks for this reminder about "Hair" - I first saw the show in London during the Vietnam War - as you say it is still powerful and relevant today.
5,199 US troops have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to date with more than one million civilians from both countries dead - 'when will they ever learn?'

Hope your upcoming appointments go well.

Anonymous said...

So happy your evening out with D to see Hair went so well, and it brought back the desire of the inner musician.

Glad they included the nekkid part. And yes I had to look up the word frivolity, not a word familiar in my vocab.

Sorry you missed out on the stage dancing part, that would have felt freeing and fun, especailly with a bunch of bare butted flower children.

And I think since D expressed her observation of the well endowed man bits, it might have been an open opportunity to take some advantage, and explore her inner naughtiness a little further. She might just surprise you even more, if you just open up the conversation.

Be sure and take all your notes, documents,which I hope you have made up, of all events that have happened to you as far back as you can recollect of the mental problems to the SS docs. The more documented proof you have will help with getting your SSDI.

Yes since I met my DEB, Bill, they seem to be popping up everywhere.

Thanks for the welcome to the dopers, but as I suspected, I'm spending way too much time lurking there. Haven't posted other than on your thread, maybe never will, but it's entertaining to say the least.

Murphy is so cute. We had a clock on the wall as a kid with the face of a Boston Terrier and his tail and tongue would move back and forth with the ticking. It made me always want one, but never did get one. Growin up some acquaintances had them and they were so funny.

Till later, Becks

Bill Craig said...

This IS a reality blog and I promised from the BEGINNING to be honest with y'all, right?

So I'm going to warn you that what I'm about to write is one of those "Don't look Ethel!" kinda things:

I have no sexual desire anymore.

It might be due to the meds, it might be due to the dementia but it is NOT due to my Dondra not being sexually attractive to me!

So instead she gets affection. A LOT of affection: hands held, head on chest, snugglin' up and she gets told "I love you!" EVERY day.

I make SURE of that.

I cannot even masturbate anymore, y'all.


Jesus! I'm falling apart here, y'all!

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

I'm just so sorry that I'm such a MESS!

I HATE this "all about me" shit, I REALLY do, but this is who I am and these are my feelings.



Anonymous said...

Well now, that might be more informatin than you needed to share or that we needed to know, but I do appreciate your honesty with us, cuz now I will not be so insensitive and open that can of worms.

Besides just getting older, yuck, me too, the things you mentioned could definitely contribute to the rising problem, but also just the stess and worry alone of what you're going through, adds to it, I'm sure.

Me not think any less of you for the problem nor for sharing.

But here's something that might at least give you a giggle.

Sex in any form could cause problems.

And when you're feeling more up to it, here's something to guide you along.

UH OH, I've been naughty again, haven't I.

Luv ya, no matter what condition you're in at the moment, and I'm positive D does too.


I think this site knows what we talk about.

Word of the day, cocawy, hee hee so funny.

Margaret said...

Damn, I wonder what happened to what I thought I posted earlier today.

Your meds could be causing the problem, Bill, bring it up to your doctor. I've had the experience of a medication having impact on sexual desire and... resolution.

Take care,