Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"What I Did On My Vacation" By "Billy" Craig, Third Grade. Ms. Becky's Room

First, I didn't really wanna come.

Then, I got made to.....come. *smirk*

Then, we got here and I have a broke leg.

Next, we opened up the balcony door and listened to the oshun (sp?)

Then, all the wimmen and my brother-in-law, Wayne, got in their swim-suits (in diffr'nt rooms!)

I didn't bring my trunks, on accounta I knew I'd get stuck in the sand with this boot on, and wouldn't be able to do nothing but pivot in one place with my good leg while gettin' laughed at!

So, I stayed in this room and worked on the pooter writing this blog.

Then, the next thing what happened, was I talked to Wayne in our bedroom about how much he misses his Betty and how glad the rest of us were that he decided to come with us, even though "Bett" wasn't here.

Unbeknownded to me, this trip has been made (off and on) for 20(!) years, and the trip always began and ended with a prayer by "Bett" for God to keep them all safe.

So when we got down here, we figgered "Bett" was watching over us in SPIRIT, if not in person.

Anyway, these night-time just before-bed talks with Wayne continued every night, and he talked about his "Bett" and how she used to be with him at drag races, and how they won many, MANY trophies roller-skate dancing.

I wisht I coulda seen that, I bet they were graceful as heck! And I am glad they had a great marriage and raised 3 beautiful daughters: Gwen, Susan and Lisa.

Next, today, (Wendsday), Pat (my "niece-in-law") and our friend Carol (which I will describe by name in one of the pitchers I brought for show'n tell) left to go back home, on accounta Pat fixes people's hair for a ing and her cliants would be sad if they missed their 'pointments on accounta Pat didn't come home to work on their head every Thursday, Fryday and Saturday.

So, the rest of us: Me, Wayne, Ramnona and Dondra (the last 3 being brothels and sistren) are still here and will be leaving on Fryday, and D has to work Fryday night which means she is gonna be tired 'n stuff.

But, I wanted to turne this report in now, on accounta I don't know if I'll 'member everything when we get home on Fryday or not.

Here's the pitchers: (Courtesy of my steady girlfriend, "D")

That's me.

This is the "crew"

(seated on left is me, Billy. Seated on right is Wayne. In back, from left to right, are D., Pat, Carol and Ramona.

Waves and seagle: D named him "Jonathan Livingston".

And that's what I did (am doing) on my vacation.


For Wayne:

For the animals and "The Shelter Challenge":

The Animal Rescue Site





Anonymous said...

DAB and D, photos can tell so much about people. Looks like you were, are, with a fine group of family. Thanks D for taking them and posting them.

I'm sure now, that you are glad that you went. It's a good thang that you and Wayne were able to buddy up and talk freely. He probably needed that.

Take care, Becks

Beth said...

You Get a "A" Billy.. Good Job XD

Margaret said...

That vacation is doing you good-- your smile looks more relaxed, Billy. The pictures are great!

You're going to have to work extra hard on spelling when you return to school.

As Becks wrote, it must have done Wayne good to have you guys around him.

Bill Craig said...

Hey, Becks, Beth and Margaret

Just walked in the door, and when he saw me "Bert" (our cat) did one of those "Alien-Fly-Out-Of-Chest-And-Suck-Your-Face" things.

Only he didn't fly out of my chest, but ONTO it.

As I write this, my sweet wife (who drove all the way there and back) is lying behind me on the bed, and in thirty minutes I have to wake her up.

In order for us to get a week of vacation, she had to agree to work tonight (Friday), Saturday and next Monday.

I was glad to be able to talk to Wayne though neither of us could do so without choking up every now and then.

Wayne (76) is a tad hard of hearing, so all that we said was overheard by the "girls" in the adjoining bedroom.

D also took the opportunity to catch up on my blog (she stays SOOOO busy taking us all back and forth to the doctor, trying to work and keep house, that she doesn't get much "computer-time"), and she thanks you all for your kind words and sends her love..

She really IS a wonderful and charismatic person and deserves someone MUCH better than me to take care of her.

Just to update y'all on another matter?

Last time I checked, we were ummmmmm..... 32 DEGREES away from it being 100 DEGREES! *nudge, nudge - wink, wink*

Anyway, working on the next installment already, so I'll see you on der Blog!