Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today's Guest Columnist: BECKS

A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled "Are we Being Sucked Into A Black Hole?", and although Becky wrote this in the comments section, sometimes someone says something so profound and meaningful that you just wanna share it and that's what I'm doing here, with her permission:

You may wish to re-read the Black Hole blog entry and then come back here


First off, I think some of us have felt we have been sucked into some sort of a black hole and trying to climb out most of our lives.

How many times have we heard or been told that the end is coming over many generations?

Yes the world has and still is going to hell in a hand basket, most of it, out of our control, nuthin much we can do, except do our own tiny part in our own lives.

Higher power? I WANT to believe that, BUT, to what extreme do we have to be tested? Hasn't it been proven, in all ultimate ways, that we as humans have done a pretty f@&%d up job at caring for ourselves and the earth? We do need something to happen, and NOW. The suicide rate is higher than ever and still rising. There just isn't enough faith left for some persons to tolerate this life.

I would book my ticket and flight to anywhere but here right now.

Unconditional love. That's what we're supposed to have, right?

One really BAD thing, can be forgiven BUT maybe never forgotten. IF the forgiven PERSON, does not learn from that bad thing and isn't truly remorseful, and insults your love and forgiveness, and continues in their bad way, you have to call it quits, to preserve your dignity, self-respect and sanity.

In my own experience of loving and lost, shattered dreams, I love fast, hard and selfless. Once loving someone or something becomes part of my life, heart, mind and very soul, especially over a long period of time, it never goes away completely. It just sits there, like an empty space, A BLACK HOLE, needing to be replaced by true love, real, honest, unconditional love.

I wish that kind of love and persons for each of us.


Courtesy of my friend Johnny L.A. from the Straight Dope: Another one about whippin' it!

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The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks, and enjoy your weekend! We're "fixin'" to get soggy again!


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Anonymous said...

Whoda thunk it, little ole me, profound and meaninful.

Thanks for the recognition, hope it helps someone else, sides me.

Hope the cognitive behavior therapy goes well without the use of whipping devices. But I suppose we can all use a good whipping once in awhile.

Hope you or none of your family or acquaintances have been flooded out. Sounds really bad there.

I thought California had the only slogan, when it rains it pours.

Hey that reminds me of a song, of course.

Take care of each other, Becks and DEB

Beth said...

Thank you for your words Becks, some of them could have come out of my own mouth, although not so well-worded. I have often thought that there are three great healing forces in the universe: God, Love And time. Perhaps they are all the same thing.
Thanks to you and Bill for sharing this with us. *HUGS*