Friday, September 25, 2009

This Just In!

Didn't have to be admitted to psych/rehab center, since I'm not gonna kill myself and am not abusing any substances.

So what we're gonna do instead is have me go for intensive cognitive behavior therapy on an out-patient basis from 9-3 beginning next week.

Admittedly, I don't know what it all entails, but I am envisioning a black latex clad nurse with a swastika armband striking me repeatedly with a whip, and yelling:

Nurse: "Das ist ein Vipp!

Now (slap) was ist dass???"

Bill: "Ein Vipp, Ein Vipp!"

Nurse: "Ist das not ein gooter Vipp?"

Bill: "Ja das ist ein gooter Vipp!"

Nurse: "Vipp-Vipp-Vipp"?

Bill: "Ach ja! Vipp-Vipp-Vipp!"

I wonder if her name will be (Nurse) "Diesel" or "Ratched"?


One can only hope!


Now my next job will be to get all the Hustler and Playboy mags secretly hidden under the liner of my gym bag back to their hiding place before D sees 'em!

So since the tone seems to be "whips", here's one that was recorded in Germany sometime in the 70's.

The Animal Rescue Site




Doglady said...

Sounds like you're going to partial hospitalization. I hope it's a good one, it can make a huge difference. Watch out for the crazies, especially Nurse Ratched.

Larry said...

Last spring I did the outpatient CBT thing. Got a lot out of it - even kind of lusted after one of the therapists for a while. But you how this ADHD works; after I hadn't seen her for a few weeks the thrill had gone away......

Bill Craig said...


Thanks to both of you for the comments! I'm really kinda looking forward to the CBT, but not for the reason Larry mentioned. Heh-Heh!

Gonna do some checking on the web about it!



Beth said...

There are other things CBT stands for, but I ain't going there.
*HUGS* I hope this brings you peace and comfort hon

Anonymous said...

Ah shucks Beth, come on tell us your definition of CBT. Ain't nobody here but us.

Perhaps, Committee on Bible Training, Citizens Bank and Trust, Computer Based Training.

Oh no, naughty you. Did you mean this one?

Maybe this is what our Bill is thinking about. "Vipp-Vipp-Vipp"?

No offense I hope.


Bill Craig said...

OMG, Becks, you're as much a nut as I am! HAHAHAHAHA!

I especially loved the quote at the bottom of that first definition!

Darlin', if it weren't for you and your tiny url's, my days would be bleak ones indeed.

D's downstairs watching the Braves game with her sister, but I cannot wait to show her this one.

And don't worry, D isn't easily offended and shares a good belly laugh with me from time to time.

Re: Belly laughs. Dontcha just love those???? The kind of laugh that has you staggering all over the room, falling down on the sofa and grabbing your tummy, and after it's over, you go *WHEW!*, and then you think about whatever it was some more, and it starts all over again, only not as severe? THAT kind of laugh?

Whoopsie, I think your friend the English major just wrote a "run-on sentence"!

All the best to you and your DEB.
(Der erste Bill)

Dab (Der andere Bill)

Beth said...

Yeah, that's the one I meant... XD OK, so mebbe I'm a little naughty, eh?
PS re: belly laffs.. Bill,I finally found my sock!!

Bill Craig said...


Although I have problems with my memory, THAT episode is firmly fixed in my mind, Honey.

Glad you found that sock! HAHA!


Anonymous said...

Yeah those belly laughs that make you go, oops, I think I just peed myself a little. Love um.

What, the german boy don't like watching sports? Yeah, me neither. Was shoved down my throat by my ex. So much so, that when I hear it on TV, it's like scratching nails on a chalk board for me. Used to love it with my older brothers growin up, but not anymore.

I new it Beth, just another inner naughty girl bursting to get out and express it, in the right forum of course. You're safe here, uummmm!!!

Glad my silly stuff makes you laugh and smile DAB. Hope my mind can keep on being creative.

Love y'all, Becks and DEB

Bill Craig said...


The "German Boy's" three favorite sports:

1. Soccer (are you surprised?)
2. Fencing (did it in college)
3. Cycling (love to do it and watch Tour De France!

I was never much good at the "American" contact sports: football, basketball - I don't know - would you call fencing a "contact sport"?.

We're you saying "y'all" before you got to know ME? ;)


Love D & DAB

Anonymous said...

Yep, I would say fencing is a contact sport.

Yes, I've picked up alot of yer suthrin talk since meeting y'all.

Hey I was born and raised in Suthrin Californy, of course I speak suthrin.

Outta here for now, Becks