Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes, I Just Need To Make Folks LAFF!

That's me in the studio, recording "M for Maggie".

So this time, I ain't got nuttin' on mah mind, but hopefully making y'all smile or laff!

BTW: Ray Stevens? Down here in West Georgia, EVERYBODY'S his "cousin" (I don't care HOW many times removed!) Ray's "Family Tree" must not have any branches on it, is all I can figger!

Please don't forget the fur-babies, okay?

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks and have a GREAT week comin' up, y'all!



Anonymous said...

Haven't listened to Ole Ray stuff for a long time. He did some amusing songs.

DooWahDiddy's post on the dope was so sad. Dealing with death is difficult, no matter how it comes, but being so young and trying to grow through some of the bad choices we make during those young years with such tragic results is especially hearbreaking.

You can use anything I post here in your blog if you think it would help anyone. It's all just mainly from my heart and personal experience. Doesn't mean it would apply for everyone.

Ich habe dich gerufen und D, haben sie meine Nachricht zu Ihrem Telefon?

From a distance, love you too


Bill Craig said...

Becks, Honey (and everyone else):

We live in a place that does not get a good signal on the cell.

Also, D says to tell you when she's at work, it doesn't always get through either.

D got your message, dear one!

Thank you!

We can call YOU, if you like, but we need your #. Can you send it in an e-mail, Hon? Please?

Bethie? Stand by, kk?

Thanks and much love!