Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pot Pourri Day

Every now and then, you'll see one of these blog entries: Not on any one particular subject. just "stuff" that's rolling around in my brain.....

First off, there's a little feller who's had a tough time of it recently. His name is Murphy, and he's Suzette's "baby" and that's him up top, there.

Suzette tells me that Murphy got a hold of some plastic, ate it, needed surgery and then the sutures burst internally, so it was "touch and go" for a while, but she says the worst is over and he's on the road to recovery.

He'll be with her at the Alzeimer's Memory Walk in October wearing a purple collar, and there's gonna be some more pics of him between now and then....

Second, I'm slowly going crazy (ier) up here in the bedroom with nothing to do but read, surf, blog, eat and go to the bathroom.

I was using the cane, but then opted for the crutches and then just one crutch, because it's so "close quarters" up here, I'm so unsteady on my feet and can't navigate worth a shit, knock things over and fly into a rage because of it, so just one crutch and I'm a happy boy.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is Orthopedist day, so I hope to get some better kind of cast, then.

What am I reading?

"The Alexandria Link" by Steve Berry. A very historically accurate author who weaves actual events into his stories. It's like having one's own history professor, and he and I have been in touch via e-mail because some of The Alexandria Link takes place in my hometown, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and I just wanted to compliment him on his accuracy, so we write back and forth and I hope to make it to a book-signing one day, since he lives here in Georgia.


The one thing I could do a decent job with and now it's been taken away!

That is the most frustrating thing to me!

Anyway, enough ranting and raving.

Get well, soon Murphy!

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Margaret said...

Hi, I hope you get a walking cast soon, and that you're sweet to your D in spite of your online expression of frustration.

How are you doing with the meds for depression? I've been reading about pseudodementia and was struck by the fact that some medications treating hypertension and bladder control, for instance, may cause all kinds of problems that can mimic dementia-- but the condition is reversible. As is the dementia associated with depression, but the latter is harder to identify and treat. You have to be patient until you find meds that suit you.

Isn't the human body a complex machine?

Not really related, but when I was younger and had PMS-- rather mild case, actually-- I would decide once a month that I was leaving my husband, that was IT. I wouldn't tell him, I'd cry a bit, then empty my laundry closet and fold everything back neatly. Even though I came to realize the hormonal cause behind this weirdness/craziness, it still continued because he invariably did something at the time of the month, every damn month, the b--d.

Now that I'm well beyond those years, my laundry closet is a permanent mess.

I hope you get well soon, Bill. You're one of the brightest people around, mental problems or not.

Bill Craig said...

D. got roses today, Margaret!

I ordered them on the internet and sent them to her with a card thanking her for taking such good care of me, and signed it: "Love, from the guy upstairs!"

"Huh!", she thought to herself.

"God's sending me flowers!"

She's like that. VERY dry sense of humor. Never know what to expect!

I know I have to be patient, but when I think that this might have STARTED such a long time ago, and I was just not paying "attention". THAT'S what's pissing me off. ALL That time lost!

Thanks for the compliment.

You made me "rain", a little, you did! *S*

Your friend


Anonymous said...


Glad that Murphy is doing better and will make the Alz Memory Walk in October with Suzette.

It's good that you have been able to make some adjustments to making your situation a bit more comfortable, and I hope they can fix you up to be able to get around better.

I can't seem to concentrate much on reading anything other that what is on my computer screen in front of me.

I'm glad that you have so many friends and acquaintances to keep your anxious mind busy.

Once again, I ditto all that Margaret said, including the part about the hormones going crazy and deciding to leave my husband. He constantly pushed my buttons, the wrong ones, along with trying to play single during our entire married life. I finally did get him out. The b--d

I like D's sense of humor. It gave me warm fuzzy feeling toward you, getting her some roses.

It's so easy to get gifts for women to show appreciation or celebrate special occassions. But to buy something for a man that would make him go ahhhhh, is really hard. Us women in general do things out of wanting, caring and love, but we do like to be respected, recognized and appreciated. So do all you are capable of to show that to D, and you will get plenty in return.

And since you are having some idle time and going crazy, maybe you could brew me up some of my favorite beverage and dream of being where they are.



Becks the best brew

Bill Craig said...

What a cute "play on your nickname", BECKS! And you even included der Churman Akzent!

I'm going to tell you and Margaret something eight here and now:

When D and I divorced the FIRST and only time - from there on out, I TRULY LOVED every woman I ever had a relationship with.

And some of them, especially the LAST on really led me down "the primrose path". More about that later, I promise. Just can't talk about ot quite yet.

But SHE never wavered in her love for me.

Something ELSE I need my ass kicked for.

My sweet D has infinite patience and a lot of the caring about my patients I learned from her. A lot of relating to PEOPLE I learned from my best friend Gary, from whom my arrogance separated us for so many years.

Something ELSE I need my ass kicked for.

In short, I'm REALLY not a person people would want to know right off the bat.

Maybe now that life has taken me down a notch or two, yes, but not a year ago, I promise you that.

Veritas vos liberabit.


Jason said...

Hi Bill -

I started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago. I just 35 but have ALZ in my family and have gotten really into researching this disease. This is unrelated to your specific post but I am wondering if you've tried coconut oil? The theory is that the medium chain fatty acids act as an alternative energy source to feed the brain. I'm sure you've heard the idea that ALZ may be attributed to insulin resistance in the brain - ultimately starving the cells.

I know there are a million ideas out there - I'm kind of a supplement junkie too :) Either way I'm just curious what your take or experience has been with coconut oil.

Wishing you the best!

Bill Craig said...

Hey, Jason!

THAT name will be REALLY easy to remember, because it is also my son's name, and he is 39!

Thanks for saying hello, and to answer your question, yes, I HAVE some coconut oil, and I started taking it when I first learned there was a "problem".

And yes, I take all the supplements, such as Omega 3, CO-Q 10, D, Zinc, B12, C.... I could give you a LIST as long as your arm of all the stuff I load my three weekly pill boxes with, but you know what?

I dump so many chemicals into my body that I don't know what works and what DOESN'T!

Add to that the anti-depressives, the BP meds, the meds for arthritis, and the meds to help my memory, and who KNOWS how they're interacting with each other, and my brain's goin' "Hey, Dude! I don't know whether to shit or wind my watch!"

What PROBABLY needs to happen, is I need to be in a "Controlled Environment", and let's take AWAY that stuff and put it back one by one and see what works.

I'd be willing to DO that, but I don't think any of my docs wanna go through that much trouble. So they just prescribe and re-prescribe, hoping they'll "hit" on SOMETHING to put ol' "Billy-Bob" (me) on the right "track".

And there's my dilemma, Jason.

Thank you for following the blog and for your note.

There are all KINDS of things one can try, but until we get our nation's health care system on the same "page" as those of us with the dementia, it's all just going to be just "scatter-gun" remedies.

It's all just "studies show..." stuff.

We need something more DEFINITIVE than that.

And only "Jonas Salk"-type research is going to get us there.

Again, thanks for taking the trouble to write me, Jason!


Bill Craig said...


I meant to comment on those two bastards you ladies finally made "hit the road".

So it didn't work out for the both of you (the FOUR of you), but what do you think NOW?

Do you HOPE they came to their senses and/or do you know/suspect they both saw the error of their ways (as did I) and are treating their SO's better now, or is there no hope for them?

ONE of the women I was involved with in the 24 years without my D once called me a "Jerk".

My answer?

"Well, I'm a MAN, right?? Of COURSE I'm a jerk! Pshhhh!"

And what can you buy for us as presents?

We're pretty simple to buy for, just like y'all are:

Something we can wear all the time and think of you, such as a wrist bracelet/necklace. Or, failing THAT, a gift cert for our favorite activity.

In MY case, that would be a gift cert for my favorite guitar/bicycle shop/health club or one to play World of Warcraft for a year.

ANYTHING, but ties, socks or underwear!

Bill Craig said...

Edited to add: In MY case, ESPECIALLY not underwear! I wear MINE till I fart holes in 'em!



Anonymous said...

Hi DAB, just wonderin how you made out at your ortho.

OK, so consider both our asses kicked for our past mistakes and bad decisions. Hopefully, we've learned from them, don't repeat, and move on a much better person.

As far as my ex is concerned, after 26 years with him, it was me who finally came to my senses. He chose to become very mean and even evil after leaving me for another woman and we did not communicate well, if at all after that and have not since. He is now on his third marriage. I was the first. I do not hear much about him any longer, as those mutual friends, family eventually saw him for who he really was, and stopped associating with him.

It took me a long time to stop thinking that he would realize that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him and at least feel remorseful and apologize for all the hurt and damage he had done, not only to me, but so many others. Nope, ain't never gonna happen.

It took realizing that there were more important things in life to concern myself with and finally gave up and let him go.

I can so relate to this song and video, not only with my ex, but with other things that happened in my life.


Hee Hee, even more I can relate to this one:


Take care, Becks

Margaret said...

I didn't kick mine out. :) He wasn't any different, really, when I had my pms-- my buttons were just easier to push. And there is always something one can find to criticize in a husband- er-- in a wife too, I suppose.

He died suddenly at age 38. I was on my own with my son for 7 years. Then I met my current husband etc.

Beck, I'm saddened by your story with your ex, but it's wonderful how you were able to bounce back and become/remain the sunny, friendly, strong person that you are.

Congratulations on the roses move, Bill, that was absolutely the best.

My current husband buys his own underwear but his hobby is painting. He usually enjoys it when I make a big production of taking him out on the town, and he likes gift certificates to an arts supply store or to Reno Depot (our Home Depot type store). A man never has enough tools.

Jason, nice seeing a new "face" around. Keep posting.

Bill Craig said...

Hey All,

Jut a quick acknowledgement of your "mail" and then I will set to work on updating the blog.

I have some pics to share, as well as a well-compiled article by our friend Becky ("Becks"), which I want to include.

Got the boot, and I'm getting around MUCH better these days. Not pain-free yet, but getting there. 4 more weeks of the boot, and I should be mended!

Be back soon!

PS: Becks and Margaret: Thanks for sharing that part of your lives! It doesn't sound as if either of you came away unscathed!


Bill Craig said...

Jesus, Becks!

You're even BETTER at this than I am, Honey!

I go to one of your tiny url's and say to myself, "Oh, God! This woman's been "reading my mail", because it "hits home" with so much you write, and then I click on the OTHER one, and I laff mein Churman ARSCH off!

I LOVE you being my friend and "hangin' with der "German Boy", but MEIN GOTT! You just run rings around me in the "expressing ones's self category!"

I think people such as US just come together, don't we?