Friday, September 18, 2009

More Pot Pourri: Are We Being Sucked Into A Black Hole?

Y'all know what those, are right?

If not, click on the title of this entry and it will take you to a wiki definition.

"Well, what a question, Bill!"

Yeah, well... watched the History Channel lately? Some serious apocalyptic stuff on there.

Learned a lot about the Mayans while on vacation recently.

I found a novel: "01-01-00" by RJ Pineiro, which while copyrighted 1999 , and relates to Y2K does mention the accurate Mayans who predict that 12.10.2012 is the day we bite the big one.

"You're being a defeatist, Bill"

No, I'm not. And neither am I being a fanatic believer in "rescue comets", and y'all know where I stand on religion. Big question mark there, even though my sweet D believes, and I just marvel at her devoutness.

Let's just say I'm being a realist with an open, humorous (and yes) sarcastic mind.

What I'm saying is, there doesn't seem to be a "magic bullet".

The US is trillions in debt, and keeps acting like King Shit of Turd Mountain.

Our own people can't agree on a health-care plan which would help demented people like me, who barely have insurance (mine runs out in November), can't get SSDI without hiring friggin' lawyers who are gonna want their "bite of the cake" when I do get it.

Global warming?

"Ya gotta be kiddin' me! That Al Gore's just tryin' to cash in!"

Yeah right.

Tell that to the polar bear who has suddenly started looking for food in man's habitat.

The grizzlies finding their way down to Georgia, because we're subdividing their world out from under them.

The alligators that just can't seem to stop getting bigger and more dangerous.

Our over-fished waters.

And I haven't even mentioned our homeless. Our jobless. Our homeless because they're jobless.

And the "Eastern World?"

It keeps explodin'.

And our kids over there right along with it.

It's the proverbial "slippery slope", dear readers, and I don't know what's gonna save us, unless we can colonize elsewhere in the galaxy.

If so, hey! I'm outta here!

That's pot pourri item #1.

Here's #2:

Ever told anyone you love him/her?

And really did? And you MEANT it with all your heart?

And then something bad happened (I don't care HOW bad - just ANYTHING bad)

Did you then stop loving them?


How were you able to do that, if you did?

Okay, enough "brain-fodder"!

Have a great weekend, don't forget to click and feed AND VOTE!

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B~ & D


Beth said...

"Ever told anyone you love him/her?

And really did? And you MEANT it with all your heart?

And then something bad happened (I don't care HOW bad - just ANYTHING bad)

Did you then stop loving them?


How were you able to do that, if you did?"

This is a question I have been struggling with myself. If you have any insight dear, lemme know, ok?

Bill Craig said...

Hey Bethie!

None at all, sweet one, none at all.

They just "capture" your heart, and you just keep "re-generatin'", and that love never goes away.

Once it's freely given?

It sticks.

Love y'all!

Stay tuned.


Beth said...

See that's what *I* thought.. just don't FEEL it always.
Love you too!

Anonymous said...

OK, here goes.

First off, I think some of us have felt we have been sucked into some sort of a black hole and trying to climb out most of our lives.

How many times have we heard or been told that the end is coming over many generations?

Yes the world has and still is going to hell in a hand basket, most of it, out of our control, nuthin much we can do, except do our own tiny part in our own lives.

Higher power? I WANT to believe that, BUT, to what extreme do we have to be tested? Hasn't it been proven, in all ultimate ways, that we as humans have done a pretty f@&%d up job at caring for ourselves and the earth? We do need something to happen, and NOW. The suicide rate is higher than ever and still rising. There just isn't enough faith left for some persons to tolerate this life.

I would book my ticket and flight to anywhere but here right now.

Unconditional love. That's what we're supposed to have, right?

One really BAD thing, can be forgiven BUT maybe never forgotten. IF the forgiven PERSON, does not learn from that bad thing and isn't truly remorseful, and insults your love and forgiveness, and continues in their bad way, you have to call it quits, to preserve your dignity, self-respect and sanity.

In my own experience of loving and lost, shattered dreams, I love fast, hard and selfless. Once loving someone or something becomes part of my life, heart, mind and very soul, especially over a long period of time, it never goes away completely. It just sits there, like an empty space, A BLACK HOLE, needing to be replaced by true love, real, honest, unconditional love.

I wish that kind of love and persons for each of us.

UH DAB, are you leading us into something here, maybe?


The Becks

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, forgot.

Go back to the forums message boards, click on the find button at the top (like google search) and type in SSDI, there have been a lot of discussion and suggested help in getting permanent SSDI, some without a lawyer.

Good luck with that, Becks

Bill Craig said...

Dear Becks,

First off, thanks for your very "in-depth" message to all of us, and yes, in my own way, I wish for "unconditional love" for all of us.

Secondly, do we need to take what you just wrote to the blog itself?

The reason I wrote that is because this is just a "comment" place, and you have written more than just a comment, dear one.

It would be an honor to post your words/thoughts/feelings/love as an entry on "WTB?"

Sometimes a different "perspective" can bring things into focus.

Let me know, and WOW! What a loving person you must be!

Your DAB