Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So What Do YOU Think?

Do you think Howard Hughes might have had Alzheimer's????

There are no pictures of his late days (that I could find, anyway) but here is an artist's rendition of what he may have looked like during them:

He sure did some goofy shit during his life, didn't he?

And goofier shit toward the end of it, fer sure!

My two favorite things he invented were:

1. Jane Russells's bra:

Oh, Christ, didn't she cause "inflation" of a certain section of my pubic bones???? And I never missed the Sears & Roebuck catalog after I saw Jane!

Hamana-Hamana-HAMANA! Only guys know that sound and what it represents!

2. "The Spruce Goose":

That thing only flew for a few minutes (look it up), but he sure thought BIG, didn't he?

So that brings us to yours truly, and his "ailings".

I know some changes have already happened:

1. I forget shit

2. I no longer give a shit... and

3. I have taken a liking to foods whose names end in "A-Roni"!

I'll keep y'all posted. Just don't give me any shit, 'cause I don't take no shit, because, in the words of the late and great George Carlin, "If I gave a shit, that would mean I would have to pack shit, and I don't pack no shit, so I don't give a shit!"

And here's a little George for your edification:

Time's winding down, Chirrun. Only 5 more days.... If there's a miracle coming, let it happen soon and thanks for clicking!

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Timespanner said...

When you start walking around using tissue boxes for shoes, and keeping all your bodily fluids in little jars around some heavily guarded hotel room, like he did -- then I'll start to worry, Bill.

As for the "hamana hamana" thing -- gals who watched a lot of American 'toons on the telly box know what that signifies, as well. ;-)

Bill Craig said...

Heh-Heh, I had forgotten he did those things, Lisa......

Gotcha on the hamana-hamana! ;)

Thanks for the note!