Monday, July 27, 2009

The Shelter Challenge Ends

Results from this morning show that we didn't budge from 11th place, but I know for sure it wasn't because we all didn't give it our best shot.

I forgot to click to see how many Georgia shelters participated, and now I can't get to that page, but I think it was more than 300 (please correct me if I am wrong), so 11th place is a great effort.

ETA: In all 400 shelters participated in the Challenge, of which 44 were not ranked, (probably because they had no votes?) so reacing #11 was pretty damn good!

Thanks and Enjoy! My friend Becks sent me this video, and I think it fits what we were all trying to do, for what cause:

And remember to continue to click and feed! I don't always remember to add the link-button (CRS), so you may have to remind yourselves or have the site send you a reminder in your e-mail daily.

A special thanks to Johnny L A on The Straight Dope & The Dome for starting and helping to keep things going!

The Animal Rescue Site

ETA: Quick update on my SIL: She's still unresponsive for the most part, but some family members have said that they thought she could recognize them by nodding.

As you may know it's always difficult to tell with a stroke if you're getting through, but other than squeezing our hands, anything more specific, she hasn't been able to show us.

We do know that she has always hated hospitals, and this could be a cause of her agitation, because she is agitated.

Plans were to move her into a private room today, but so far, she's still in Neuro-ICU.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for posting the horsey video. Love the horsey's.

I'm glad that at least Paulding made the charts, maybe next time.

Also, glad to here that Betty is making a bit of progress.

Have you thought about maybe volunteering once a week at the shelter to help pass the time? Just a thought.

Take care and keep going, Becks

Bill Craig said...

Hey Becks,

Well, the push for Paulding Humane to win the Shelter Challenge was mostly for sentimental reasons.

As I now live in a different county, there's the possibility of me volunteering my services here.

The major problem with Paulding was there was no "cohesion". That is, there are only a few humane society volunteers who do anything on a regular basis to assist the shelter employees, and the saying is something like "Well, if you want to do something for Paulding Humane, knock yourself out, Dude!"

There are many fund-raisers throughout the year, but as far as actually having people (such as me) who WANT to be active and part of a GROUP, that doesn't seem to be encouraged. No regular meetings, for instance. No PLAN. Just the same thing at any given time of the year - year after year.

Please don't misunderstand: The folks who DO work, work VERY HARD, and are to be commended for their efforts and tears, but there's no REAL membership.

Thanks for your thoughts regarding Betty. She's still in Neuro-ICU, and still having a tough time of it.

More on the blog a little later!



The Shelter Challenge is only a PART of what I have tried to do for them