Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life's "Little" Pleasures

Friends: Like you guys who follow the blog. I have always told you I would be honest with you about how I am feeling, and right now, my ass is draggin'. The mental one and the physical one. I very badly need some "motivation".

I'm not getting a whole lot of "fresh air", and that isn't the "Bill" from a year ago. I need to find him again.

Bert: Bert is my "Domestic Long Hair" orange and white cat.

This is him:

He also goes by the name "Mr. Ice Cream/Drooly Mouth", because he has an "orange sherbet" - like mark on his nose, and because.....well... he drools! He also likes to lay right on top of his daddy and drool and knead ("makin' biscuits") at the same time.

Bert is the sweetest kitty I have ever had. He's not a bit "stand-offish", like most cats, and he loves being picked up and held.

Dondra: I forgot how much she and I had in common as far as being on the same "level" intelligence-wise. She is a very talented artist and photographer, and has sold many of her paintings and photographs. She also is a great writer, having written for Creative Loafing (you Atlanta residents may know of this newspaper) and Country Music Magazine. Through her, I have met Waylon Jennings, Louise Mandrell, James Garner, the late Jerry Reed, Mel Tillis, Ricky Skaggs, the late Dottie West, the group Alabama and many others.

She also appreciates my "out there" sense of humor, although she is in no way like that herself. She "levels" me out, in other words.

I am very happy that we maintained a relationship, even after the divorce 23 years ago, and that we are now married again.

She also is very understanding regarding my past relationships, as I have never been a "sport-effer" (no "one night stands" for the German Boy), and every woman I have been in a relationship since the divorce, I have loved with all my heart. Matter of fact, I coined a phrase about that: "If it doesn't happen here (touches heart), it doesn't happen there (points to crotch)"

I often think about dying (more now than before), and I wonder if I have been as "good" a man as I could be.

I think that is for others to judge, but I can say that at least I tried.

Thanks for following the blog, thanks for your good wishes, and may all your days be filled with "life's little pleasures".

Only 10 days now till the end of the "Shelter Challenge", so please continue to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane!

The Animal Rescue Site

A special "thank you" to my friends Bill & Becky for the "Juke Box" links!

Here's a song from that list. My Mom and Dad used to dance to this one, before we left Germany.

Thank You!



Margaret said...

Bert is a beautiful kitty! I love it when a cat drools with pleasure. My best friend's cat did that and I just loved him.

Mine doesn't drool and she's got the slavemaster thing down pat.

It's good that you and Dondra are together again, and that Vera Lynn song always brings a tear to my eye. My mom loved that song too.

Bill Craig said...

Thanks for writing, Margaret!

Yup, Bertie's prett special, okay.

Both sides of the family have always loved animals, and have taken care of them as best we could, and we always told our kids: "The animals come first, because WE domesticated THEM."

So many of both sides of the family adopt from their local shelter, and they really DO love their pets!