Friday, July 24, 2009

C'monnnnnnn Y'ALL!

Only two days left to go! Please help!

The Animal Rescue Site

ETA: Just a quick update on my Sister-In-Law (Man! That word just hit me! Where'd we get that from, anyway? Sounds like we're both lawyers, don't it?):

She's off the ventilator and breathing on her own, but the next 24-36 hours are critical. She's got to maintain her breathing, cough and deep-breathe a lot, and her blood-work has got to stay within normal range....

The family's all pulling for her, praying and thinking positive thoughts, and if you're reading this, would you also send some very good "vibes" her way, please?

We've all got "High Hopes"!




Bill Craig said...

Mmmmmkay! I'll comment on my OWN choice of video, then! *LOL*

I was watching those kids.

Weren't they precious?

And think about how many of them are still alive today!



Anonymous said...

Oh how funny. I was just wondering the same thing when I was watching it and also wondering how they all turned out in life. Don't you think those kids are about our same age?

I sang that song a lot as a kid.

As kids we seem to be able to have high hopes for the future. It's only as adults when things start to go wrong and things haven't turned out as we expected that we can lose hope. But it seems at times that's all we have, so why not keep having it.

Glad to read your SIL is doing better.

I'm sending y'all GOOD, GOOD, GOOD VIBRATIONS.


Margaret said...

Sending all the mojo I can muster to your SIL, Bill.

I like the fact that you'll be able to help her once she's out of the hospital, that sounds like a good plan for both of you.

Take care!

Bill Craig said...

"Becks" and "Maggie" (okay with that, Margaret?)

I thank you both for the good wishes and vibes for my Sister In Law, and I wish you could meet her in person.

She ABSOLUTELY commands a room with her presence, and she ALWAYS has an opinion - and it's ALWAYS given with knowledge and research.

Yes, sometimes she's wrong, but not often and you should hear her "ask the blessin'"! She is an absolute POET with it, and never ceases to amaze me!

She needs our spiritual strengh right now, and thank you all for sending it her way!