Sunday, July 5, 2009


Been thinking about that a lot lately, and although it's not related to AD, apathy is still apathy, right?

Besides, I've got this John Denver "thing" going on with me right now, and it seemed like a good segue into one of the most beautiful songs ever written. *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

Thanks to Face Intentionally Left Blank over on The Straight Dope for the link!

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Anonymous said...

John Denver, also another one of my favs and particularly this song.

I would like to be leaving on a jet plane, straight to Scotland.

The problem that I have watchin these videos, is at the end when they show other videos at the bottom and off I go spending time listening to them.

Another great artist that we lost way to soon, Mama Cass.

So many songs that we can relate to about ourselves.

Apathy, I can relate to that.

I have a thang I do when I look at words. I try to find other words within words.

Apathy, at thy path, interesting? or not?

Later, take care, Fräulein, Becky

I love these word verifications. My word for today is dedal.

Anonymous said...

I was reading your previous post on the Peter Pan syndrome and it struck a chord.

I believe that all of us have that in us, but most can separate reality from the fantasy, where others can't, therein lies the narcissistic personality disorder.

After several months of marriage counseling, our therapist determined that HE had this disorder and no matter how hard HE would or could try to put on a facade of emphathy, compassion or caring about others, when the going got tuff again, he would return to that personality, could never be totally committed to anything, in the true sense of the word.

Whats interesting though, I started seeing a "shrink" while going through the divorce, as I was a major basket case. During that counseling, it was suggested, that I find, get in touch with, and let my inner child out and nurture her, as I did not have the "normal" chidhood and had to be grown up. That's another story.

Confused over this, yes?

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that it is alright, necessary, even as an adult, to be childlike at times and have fun with that.

Even though my age is ?, my mind is still childlike in so many ways.

I've always felt myself to be more the Tinkerbell, than the Wendy. Always wanting to make others happy and take care of them, often times to my own detriment.

But lately I feel more like this.

Sorry I posted this here, but I felt the need to express.

Haben sie meine Bill's langwierigen noch informative E-Mail? Er sandte sie.

Sending some happy dust your way.

Word for the day badep

Bill Craig said...

Hey Becky!

Sorry, i'm getting to this one a little laTE, but thanks for the Cass Elliott links. Loved her!

Apathy and "at thy path": VERY interesting! I'm a "language fan" get any book by Richard Lederer. They're quite comical - poking fun at the English language. The title of one is "Foxen In The Hen Hice". Get it? *wink*

Also, back to your phraseology about "apathy": Try "atheism"

"At he is m" *LOL*

II "stole that one from the late "Brother" Dave Gardner!

Yeah, my confirmation word for today is "naleated".

Thanks for your note! Always glad to hear from ya!

Your friend

Der Bill

Bill Craig said...

To answer the last comment (Peter Pan":

Yeah, I understand it, but with me, I really took it to extremes sometimes, and didn't know when to quit and it sorta "ran away" with me.

As an example: I "pout" when I don't get my way.

(I cannot say I do that now, because the EOAD has kinda knocked me into reality, and has humbled me to the point where I just want to live one more day, nd to hell with getting my way about some mediocre thing I might want.)

"Nurturing the inner child" is okay, as long as one remembers to "put it away". I very rarely did.

Yeah, and I too feel like I've got my head caught in a crack (or up my ass!) sometimes!

Did you mean that Scottish Bill sent me an e-mail? I'll have to check it out, and that's a pretty signature! Can you make ME one like it?



Howard said...

Thanks for that, Bill. I can't watch John Denver without a tremendous feeling of sadness. I have a couple personal stories -- one with him as a distant player and one with a very direct link to him months before his death. I can't watch him without sorrow. But this video is so great that it's now bittersweet.

Bill Craig said...


I'd love to hear the stories sometime!

Thanks for the note


Jo said...

omg. this was really one of my favorite songs. I remember we sang this over and over an over again at camp, sitting around a fire and it always brought tears to my eyes for some reason. Sitting here just now, I decided that this would be a good song to play at my funeral. Just seems like a nice good bye song, ya know. But I also want to have Walk This Way by Aerosmith. Am I weird?