Friday, June 19, 2009

My Father's Bookshelf : An Alzheimer's Comedy

Thanks to my Alzheimer's counsellor Suzette for sending me the information of this upcoming play at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis!

You can click on the title to have a look at the site and find out about the performance.

My philosophy with this blog has always been to keep a sense of humor about what is going on with me, and I think something like this play would be right up my alley.

It is for this reason that I hope I can see a local performance here in Atlanta, and I also hope the publication/production rights will be released soon, so the plays can be produced locally by small "community theatres". I also hope the proceeds from any and all performances will go right back into AD Research!

I think this would be an awesome educational tool for those who aren't sure what they're hearing when told someone has "Early" or "Young" Onset AD.

Those of you who are following this blog (and BTW, WELCOME "foodhoe" ! Our 27th blog follower! Hope you get some laughs out of it, and I LOVE that nickname!) know that I have had a real problem with the "confusion" that exists regarding AD, and what people "think" it is versus what it "really" is and means, so this would go a long away in making me "shut up about it, already, B!~" *LOL*

I have to also admit that I would dearly love to act in this play myself.

I used to be a member of the Carroll County Community Theatre group (one of the founding members, actually), and I have missed acting a great deal.

Along with this blog and my beloved World of Warcraft, I believe it would be great therapy for me.

With the help of you - my good friends and all that "busy work", I think I "shall not go gently into that good night".

I'll go kickin' and screamin'!

Thanks for reading, thanks for thinking about me and keeping me and the other AD patients in your prayers, and thanks for remembering the "critters". I was outside for a while today, and this Georgia heat is so oppressive! Just imagine what it must be a like for a dog or cat on their own, foraging for food? We have GOT to get a handle on animal/unwanted pet overpopulation!

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I don't have to tell you, that you will all be severely punished by The Blue Meanies, if you are caught tapping your toes, smiling or singing along to the following tune!




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