Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not A Good Day

More like a "sleepy" day. I wonder if it could be the Lamictal beginning to work on my system, or maybe it's just one more symptoms Of EOAD. Hard to tell, I think.

I do have a link I'd like to share with you, it is called Natalie gathers up any and all news regarding dementia (i.e. Alzheimer's) and logs it on her site. Check it out.

Also, don't forget the shelter pets. They need feeding and Paulding Humane Society needs your vote for the $20,000.00 Shelter Challenge.

Here's the link once more:

The Animal Rescue Site

Remember to tell someone else about this and have them feed and vote as well. In the last three days we have had hits in the 160's on this blog and that has been a record. We now average 85 hits a day so far this month, and that ain't too shabby for this little German Georgia "redneck" *LOL*

Okay, since I'm not feeling up to "snuff", let's have a little fun anyway. Some of y'all may remember this one from a few years ago, and don't blame me if you get an "earbug" from it! *S* Remember the warning at the gate? "Yes I understand and wish to continue"?

Have a great evening and thanks for thinking of me and helping the shelter animals!



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