Friday, March 27, 2009

Lots Of Stuff Happening Very Quickly......

....... and it's going to require a lot of my concentration, so until it's all settled, my blog will not be as busy.

I have the neuro-psych testing coming up next week, and I am needing a lot of time to do paperwork for early retirement/disability.

This does not mean I'm gettin' lazy though, okay?

On the contrary, it will mean I'll be busier than ever and even more active in being "pro active" in AD.

I am going to use myself as a "guinea-pig" for what happens when a 58 year old guy is diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's, and hopefully my learning experience will become a tool for others, because as more and more of us are diagnosed, it will be incumbent upon all of us to learn some "do's and dont's", and that includes caregivers as well as those of us with the disease.

We'll compile a "time-line/chronicle" of my "journey", and we'll present it here when it's ready. I think that it's kinda "unique" (for want of a better word") that I'm single and dealing with this pretty much on my own, so I hope this account will be helpful to others.

Here's a link to YouTube. It's a 3 minute plus change Alzheimer's video being explained by a doctor whose posture is the worst I've ever seen (unless he's in a wheelchair, in which case, he's excused) and he thpeakth with a lithp which tends to get on one's nerves, but these vids are really well-produthed and conthithe. There are several in the theries and I thought I'd thtart y'all on them, to kinda fill the time when I can't write the blog......

Thanks once again for "being there" and reading the blog. I have tried to "tell it like it is", and it's been difficult a lot of the time. The fact that I have your support is what keeps me going.

Also here's a vid that my sweet friend Beth sent me. Her name is Junizon and I think she looks like a very young Jodie Foster - kinda-sorta. This is an old John Denver tune she's singing...

Back soon!


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