Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Keeping My Senses "Sharp" ; WoW

No, I'm not saying "Wow!" as an exclamation, but as an acronym for" World of Warcraft!

But I may as well be saying "Wow!", for all the good playing the game has done for my cognitive functions, reaction time and overall ability to concentrate.

When I first went to have myself examined for EOAD, my doctor recommended playing this online game in order to keep my senses sharp and intact for as long as possible while science searches for a cure for this currently fatal disease.

Dude, we rockin' sincerely, and here's the link if you'd like to try it out for 10 days free: www.worldofwarcraft.com

I'm wolkenlaufre in Alexstrasia and if you can find me (Human Alliance Warrior), let's group up (my guild is The EOAD FEEBS) and kill some bad guys.

Want to? Lets have some WoW fun with some WoW toons!

Hope to see y'all in Azeroth sometime!

The guild is called "EOAD FEEBS" and I am the "feeb-master"!

Look for me to sign up!



Anonymous said...

Hello Bill,

Its Gordon again, thanks for your comments man. It touched home and I feel bad that I haven't been able to be around my Great-Grandmother as much. I really need to make a trip back to Illinois to see my family and her. She can't talk on the phone but I stay updated thanks to my Mother and Grand-Father. Y'know I might just roll a toon over on Alexstrasza to play with you and your guild. I've been Horde most of my wow career and I can't guarantee that I will be on a good ammount of time, I have an 80 raid tank on Smolderthorn, soon to be transferring to Jubei'thos however to a more progressed raid guild. I'll be sure to look you up as soon as a I roll on Alexstraza though.

All the best,

About Jo said...

Hi Bill, sorry to hear you will be retiring from the "work force". Your "new" name - Cloudwalker, is interesting. Sounds like something I would pick for myself. We miss you and your great sense of humor over on Rick Steves world though, so drop by occasionally.
Hugs to ya, Frankfurt Jo

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your note. If you would, add me as a friend, and if we're ever on together, and if you want to play with a "Feeb", that ould be great!

On my way to an Alzheimer's meeting, but should be back by ten tonight.

If not, we'll see ya SOMETIME! :)


Anonymous said...


I haven't "forgotten" about my friends on Europe Through The Back Door, and I certainly have not forgotten the sweet lady who have me a tour of her town last time I was "home"!

God, I miss Germany.

Especially now when I don't know how much longer I will know who I am and where I come from!

Thanks for writing, Jo.

Heading over to Rick's place.

I miss y'all too!