Tuesday, March 3, 2009

72 Hour EEG Test Results

Hey Guys & Gals

Back from my appointment with my neurologist, Dr. Kukaswadia, and the good news is my 72 hour EEG came back negative!

I haven't written a lot about Dr. K, but I would just like to say I appreciate so much his methodical approach to what is going on with me: He has left no stone unturned and he is genuinely concerned about me and my dementia. After reading some of the answers from last year's "Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease Town Hall Meetings", I was afraid of being medicated and forgotten about, but happily that has not been the case with me and I am grateful he is taking such good care of his patient!

Next step is the memory testing at Emory Clinic Wesley Woods Geriatric (I hate that word!) Center. No word yet as to when my testing will be, but all my medical records have been forwarded to the staff there.

A word about a new "symptom" which has recently reared it's ugly head: Inappropriate comments. These seem to have evaded me until now, but it has been brought to my attention that several times now at work I have said things which were not considered "proper".

By that I don't mean lewd responses or comments, but things said which are not considered "germane" to the situation being discussed although they make perfect sense to me. I am hoping this will straighten itself out now that I have been made "aware", but nevertheless, people are noticing, and my colleagues have been requested not only to ask questions regarding my dementia, but to also question any inappropriate behavior or language. I feel that being frank and open about the dementia is the correct way to deal with it.

Okay, since I just wrote that, let me give you an example: Instead of using the word "frank" as an adjective, let's say I use it as a proper noun - "I'll be Frank with you if you'll be Frank with me!" See what I mean? There's an opportunity here for me to use that as a double entendre, and if you and I were very close friends, I might do that, and you might say something like, " Ha-ha! Very funny, Bill", because you know my sense of humor and my love for the silliness of the English language.

But suppose I were to do that in front of you and I didn't know you? And suppose I also acted out the "being Frank with each other"? Now what? I might think it's the funniest damn thing in the world, but you might not, and you definitely would not if you happened to be gay!

Interesting, and I'll keep y'all posted when and if those inappropriate comments are called to my attention, and also what was said.

Hope y'all are having a great week, and I appreciate your stopping by!



Anonymous said...

So what have you eliminated with the EEG being negative?

Margaret said...

Same question as zyada. Hope you are well, and wishing you a serene week.

NinetyWt said...

Glad to hear good news ! Hope you've been OK otherwise. It seems to be spring here, bet it is in Dallas as well!


~ Ninety

Anonymous said...

FYI, did you know about this?


(BTW, I'm not an alternative medicine nut. I'm just a 'bring every weapon you can carry into combat' type, and knowledge is the first weapon)

Tastes of Chocolate / SDMB said...

While I also don't know what the EEG ruled out, but you sound pleased with the outcome, so congrats!!

Bill Craig said...

Sorry, guys and gals, been MIA for a few days amd just now getting back to the blog.

What's the 72-hour EEG supposed to rule out, was the question?

Well, seizure activity (epilepsy) for one thing, blood flow to the brain for another, and tumor (s).

One thing I thought for sure might show up was sleep apnea, but he didin't say anything about that. (Maybe because it wasn't an official sleep study......)


Marty said...
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Marty said...

Curious--you think perhaps sleep apnea deprives the brain of oxigen, and that could be causing brain malfunction? My mother suffers from both.

Bill Craig said...

Whoa Dudes and Dudettes!!!!

I have apparently not been getting all your responses to this entry, because it is now 3.19.09, and had I not been scrolling through all the past entries, I would not have seen your responses!!!

Y'all either think I'm an A-Hole or I'm so far gone that there's no hope????

YES on the first thought.

NO on the second

(*S* to NinetyWt and other Doper friends!)

Neither is the case. I'm still trying to deal with losing my patients, and my whole life is in turmoil right now, sorry.

Good news? I'm still in here, I'm still Bill ("Still Bill" - I LOVE it!) Better than "Kill Bill", right? :)

But.... it's lonely as hell being me right now.... Sorry! Been trying to keep this whole blog "upbeat" and humorous. I'll try to do better, okay? Don't leave?

Marty: Yeah, I think hetting more oxygen down to the alveoli (where gas exchange takes place and sends more oxygenated blood to the heart) would do a world of good.

Thanks for asking me that!