Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Exciting Alzheimer News!

(Turn it up a notch! :))

Take a look: *

*Thanks to my friend Tuckerfan on SDMB for that link!

Okay - so we're still a ways away from curing this shitty disease, but it's heartening to know that research continues, right?

Some personal issues:

1. A couple of days ago, while entering my adress on an on-line order form, I forgot where I live (the address. Couldn't come up with it to save my life). So what did I do? I went to my auto-pay bank site where I knew I had my rent payment entered and found my street name "Foster Avenue". "Foster" being a part of the name of the apartment complex I live in: Foster Place Apartments.

Now, I have to pat myself on the back for knowing how to solve that little problem. See, I didn't just give up and ask my next door neighbor (who doesn't know about this), but I figured it out on my own!

2. Forgetting to take my meds. Tonight I forgot to put on my Exelon patch, and I can notice a difference already. I'm at work right now, and the shakiness of the Parkinson's is returning, albeit not continuously. Headache as well.

Solving THAT problem: Keeping some patches at work, Dummy!

3. Still forgetting names. Now to the point of forgetting the name of a person as I address them:

Me: "Uhhhhhhh...."

Person: "Cindy, Bill"

Me: "Oh, I knew that, Cindy! Just trying to formulate what I wanted to tell you."

Yeah, right.

Suzette from my local Alzheimer's organization told me in a recent phone conversation that the name "Early Onset Alzheimer Disease" may be undergoing a change to "YOUNG" Onset Alzheimer Disease" .

I believe this will be to make it easier to differentiate between "Early Stage" and "Early Onset" with the word "young" being a more appropriate term.

If I got this wrong, please feel free to correct me in a comment, Suzette, Thanks.

To watch a video and for information about the young onset programs

NOTE: This video is no longer available on that site, sorry y'all! , but here's a site which will explain the differences in terminology:

Again, my apologies for linking you to an outdated video!

Thats it for right now. Thanks for reading and don't forget us over at where you can access the message board and also make a donation toward Alzheimer research.


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Ttom said...

Mam, I'm sorry that I missed your birthday. Bummer dude! You should be a little more selective when you choose to befriend people. There are bitches, people with messed up heads and bitches with messed up heads out there for you!

Happy Birthday Whispering Bill!