Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hello From Rothenburg ob der Tauber And More About The Bracelet

I arrived last evening at 5:30, and although the trip was mostly uneventful, it did have some hiccups.

Hiccup 1. Plane left out of Atlanta an hour and a half late

2. Missed a train stop in Würtzburg (I had fallen asleep) so I got off in Nürnberg and bought another ticket with reserved seat.

3. When I got on the train and found my seat, there were two young ladies sitting in that section. I came to the wrong conclusion that this was not my train, recovered my luggage on the other end of the car and proceeded to find the "right" train.

A conductor assured me I had the right train and I should get my ass back on because they were about to pull out. So I went to what was my seat and it turns out that one of the young ladies had taken my seat hoping I wouldn't show up!

So I showed her my ticket and she vacated the seat and went to sit on the platform in between the trains.

"Billy-Bob", I said to myself, "You need and deserve a beer!

So I told my seatmate I was going to the dining car to drink a beer and that I was going to stay there till time for my next stop.

So I go back to the end of the train, find the young lady I had chased out of reserved seat and told her to go back and sit with her friend.

I then go back to the dining car and order (and promptly consume) 3 bottles of beer.

Much better!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BURP*

4. Got lost walking to my favorite pub last night. In all fairness to myself, it was nighttime and I am staying at an unfamilar Bed & Breakfast, but this is my hometown, dammit! Anyway, I had to ask directions after walking in circles a couple of times. :(

Tonight is the night I sit in on drums with my friend Peter's band TIME OUT and I am very much looking forward to it!


Okay, so now a little more about the bracelet: It doesn't seem so heavy anymore and it actually had made me feel more secure wearing it.

That's not to say I want something to happen, but if that episode witht the train had gotten worse and I had "flipped out", at least someone would have known why.

My feelings on the trip so far?

I honestly don't know if I can make the trip by myself next time.

More later.




Ttom said...

Glad to hear that you made it safely dude! Lift a few for me. Did you buy that young lady a beer for keeping your seat warm?

Just imagine if you couldn't speak or fusan German.

Bill Craig said...

TomT: Hey! Glad you caught my e-mail!

That young lady was just glad to have a warm seat! I'M the one who needed a beer!

Tell everyone on I love 'em and wish they were here!

Hey! Wouldn't WE make a fun tour group?????



Ttom said...

Yea... Where to Bud????

Bill Craig said...

Anywhere y'all wanna go, Bud. I am thinking of that fishing trip that Randle McMurphy made with HIS buds in that film One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, although we're not criminally insane.

Are we? :)