Monday, December 15, 2008

HELLLLP, Suzette!!!!!!!!! :)

As I wrote in the previous entry, I was going to contact the Alzheimer's Association in Atlanta today, but before I picked up the phone, they called me!

I spoke with Suzette before my lumbar puncture and she had told me at that time she would be back in touch, but what a great example of synchronicity that she called when I had a need!

We spoke about my problems with coping, focusing, stuttering and forgetting, and she listened and heard me! By that, I mean she was supportive and already way ahead of me in the problem-solving department.

I have worked with the public for a very long time and I can tell when someone is actually listening or when they're just waiting for their turn to talk with glazed over eyes. Even though we were on the phone I could tell Suzette was absorbing what she was hearing and that made me feel a whole lot better!

She knows about this blog and plans to check in from time to time, and she has told me she'd work on getting someone to maybe come over and help me reorganize the "Hell-Hole" (as I call my apartment. ;))

Tom called this evening and we talked for a while and compared notes, and as we spoke I realized that I have been independent for so long that it has been difficult for me to ask for help, and that is something that Suzette and Tom keep reinforcing: "If you need me, call me, ya big Dummy!"

So that's what I'm going to try to do.

Just gotta repeat, "You are not alone, you are not alone!" to myself.

Gonna leave you with a little video that features another one of my German friends, Stefan (2nd from the left when you see the 4 in a row) and his a capella group Disharmonie. They are very popular in Germany right now and have a great little cd called, oddly enough: Disharmonie.

I know you'll recognize the tune even though it is in German, and the story deals with a guy who wants to build a bird house, so he goes to the local building supply store, which, although they have hammers, do not have nails, and this frustrates Hashi (the lead singer) to the point where he gives up and decides, at the end of the song....... well you'll just have to watch to see what he decides to do!

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


PS: Thanks again Suzette!


Beth said...

Glad that you got some help coming your way, & I hope you get the "hell hole" organized. Hope to talk to you soon!
BTW, Grat video, I love the original!

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, Beth

I do have some very talented friends. Got some pictures coming from my friend Peter's band Time-Out in Rothenburg where I sat in on drums while I was home.

Talking to Peter about loading some stuff on YouTube to go along with those pics.

And yes, thank goodness Suzette called me and is helping me get the "Hole" in shape! :)

Meanwhile, please don't forget that every time y'all click on one of those ads, alzheimer' get 2 cents.



Kai Steger said...

Dear Bill.

Sorry about my bad english, I am Kai from Disharmonie - Germany (the left guy in the row). The Leadsinger of this song called "im Baumarkt" is not me. Its Haschi (not in the row).
My friend Mathias (Owner of the store "Whiskey and more") told me, that you bought the CD and forgot it in the store. I wrote Peter Holstein a SMS that he must tell you about. I hope you get it back.
Maybe we see us anywhere.

Bill Craig said...

Hallo Kai,

Vielen Dank für de Aufklärung, jetzt weiss ich bescheid. (Ich bin ein "Bescheid-Weisser".

Die CD habe ich wieder, und sie spielt gerade auf meinen computer. Tolle Lieder!

Danke für's schreiben und schöne Grüße an alle.